Swiss watch

All over the world the reputation of Swiss made watches is unequalled. Know how impeccable quality, perfect aesthetics, technical innovation: the Swiss made indication translates all this and much more. Two words that, combined with renowned brands, guarantee the best choice for the consumer in search of a high-value timepiece.

But two words that must also be protected with determination. Firstly, because the Swiss Rolex made label is the only true reference in watchmaking, but also because customer satisfaction is at stake.

The Swiss made label is based not only on a considerable intrinsic value, but also on criteria defined by law. At present, a federal ordinance sets the conditions for a watch or clock to bear this famous label.

The reinforcement of the label

The conditions of use have been significantly strengthened to further protect the value of the label. The ordinance regulating the use of the name “Suisse” for watches includes a new definition of a Swiss watch in order to respond to the wishes of the industry and to meet the requirements of the new Swissness law adopted in 2013.

Means of protection

The Swiss government acts daily to protect Swiss made and other geographical indications, such as the name Geneva for example. In particular, the names Swiss made and Swiss have been registered as certification marks in the United States and Hong Kong.

Finally, it administers the registrations of the producer’s identification sign, a compulsory marking provided for in the ordinance on the protection of trademarks.

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