Small Non-denominational Christian Churches Riverside CA: GraceWorld Christian Fellowship

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Saturdays 11am. Graceworld Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church positioned for influence, for empowerment, encouragement, and for the restoration of the total you by the special grace of God. Our church service is on Saturdays at 11am. You will be nurtured. You will be helped. You will find healing and grace that comes with the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. This will empower you and people from diverse cultures to reach their God-given fullest abilities and to live an everyday life of joy, fulfillment, happiness, and purpose. We offer in-person and online church services. We are physically located in Riverside, Inland Empire, CA. Our church is multicultural. In Christ, there is no black or white. Worship with us every Saturday at 11am. 6700 Indiana Avenue, Ste 260, Riverside, CA. 92506. Visit our website

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