Shangri-La Hotel and Porcelain Hotel as Recommendation Hotels to Stay in Singapore

Singapore is a busy tiny country that many people have visited for different purposes. Even saying so, Singapore seems to get tired of it. With the growth of technology and the economy, new buildings will be built in Singapore.

As a tourist destination, Singapore is full of hotels or other overnight accommodations that you can use to find the best hotels for you during your time in Singapore. Since there are different types of hotels divided in Singapore, you can choose one of them that suits you best with Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp filtering features. Some of the most famous hotels for foreigners are Shangri La Hotel Singapore and Fairmont Singapore. Shangri-La Hotel is a very luxurious hotel, which is quite ideal and can be an option for those visiting Singapore. Not only Shangri-La Hotel but there is also The Porcelain Hotel Singapore, which can be an option for your stay in Singapore.

Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel is located near some of Singapore’s famous places, including Little India and Chinatown, so Shangri-La is a tiny country hotel with an excellent destination for its tourists.

Generally, Sangri-La Hotel is intended for marriage tourists, consisting of two adults and children 12 years and under. This place also has more features, such as a large bathroom, with a sink suitable for bathing babies.

The facilities that will be provided will also be provided with concierge services and access to a kitchen with special sterilization equipment, and induction heating made temporarily with a nutritionist available through the service.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore can also provide equipment such as car seats for airport transfers, strollers, cots, and baby seats upon your request.

Not only that, in this place you can try one of your favorite snacks at a restaurant near the Shangri-La Hotel. Restaurants that you can visit include Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, and also Hawker Chan.

Sangri-La hotel also provides several adequate facilities for those of you who are on vacation in Singapore. You can get free Wi-Fi, followed by a relatively wide flat-screen TV, refrigerator, and also a minibar in the room. In addition, at Shangri-La Singapore, you can also enjoy the swimming pool, which is quite good, the playground of 40,500 square meters, along with the breakfasts, which are quite tasty, of course.

Porcelain Hotel

Porcelain Hotel is one of the hotels that you must visit when you are in Singapore. This hotel will offer a truly calm atmosphere, with facilities that will make your vacation even more fun, of course.

Porcelain Hotel, located near Orchard Road and the Singapore Flyer. This hotel does look a bit small, and also quiet, with TV, air conditioning, and minibar facilities in the room. Not only that, but this place is also very easy to connect with free Wi-Fi, provided specifically for visitors.

At this hotel, you will have easy access to the center of activities and famous tourist sites in Singapore. From Porcelain Hotel, you only need to walk about 2 minutes to get to Chinatown MRT station. This hotel is still relatively new and has a spotless environment.

Not only that, the hotel also offers facilities for storing luggage. Guests can also enjoy complimentary tea, which is one of the most popular drinks offered to tourists staying overnight at this place.

It’s good, and when you spend the night at the Porcelain Hotel, you must visit the cleanliness restaurant closest to this hotel. There is Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant or JUMBO Seafood.

If you already have some food nearby, you can visit Marina Bay Sands Skypark and Merlion Park which are quite attractive, and easy to get to on foot.

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