Renting an apartment step by step: a guide for the tenant

To rent or to buy?

In Poland, renting an apartment is not yet as popular as in the West. However, the market for apartments for rent is still growing and an upward trend is forecast over the next few years. More and more people are investing their surplus capital when buying such apartments. this is also a very positive trend for those looking for a place to live. In the case of young people who are studying, it is common to rent an apartment in case one fails to get a place in a dormitory or the person does not like the living conditions in a dormitory. Mobile people who change jobs and cities to live also prefer renting, as it allows them to be flexible about where they live. There are also a growing number of people – mostly childless – in large cities who do not want to apply for a loan and make a commitment to a bank for many years. There are also those who, for financial reasons, calculate that they cannot afford to buy a property. Credit prices are relatively high. With a growing market for apartments for rent, the choice is becoming wider, and prices are normalizing. In large cities, prices in attractive locations are still high, but there are places well connected to the city center that are not fashionable and thus rents there for rent are affordable.

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What kind of apartment I need. Needs analysis as a starting point

Before looking for an apartment, you should analyze your needs. Location seems to be a key aspect. For the sake of living comfort – saving time and resources for commuting, and for the sake of ecology, it would be best to look for an apartment near your workplace or place of study in the case of students. Related to location is price. It is therefore necessary to find a compromise between convenience and the amount of rent you can afford. Another thing is the size of the apartment or house. A larger apartment will not necessarily be better. Let’s take into account the issue of cleaning-whether it is a waste of time to clean unused space. The latest trends are to bet on ecology in real estate. Hence the reflection on the size of space we need for living. Instead, it is worth looking for an apartment with a spacious kitchen and a comfortable bathroom – these rooms are actually used. The living room does not have to be large. It is different when we work from home. Then we need to find an apartment with space to conveniently place a desk with a computer. The appearance of the apartment and decor is a matter of taste, and that tastes are not discussed. Let’s still pay attention to the quality of the materials used in the apartment. Those of good quality not only look better, but are healthier to live in and do not have a bad impact on the environment.

Where to look for offers and how to rent an apartment safely

On the real estate market in large cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw there is a large selection of offers of apartments for rent. For about a month there is a hot time for renting – students come to the cities and look for accommodation. Rental offers can be found on portals such as Gumtree, Olx, Otodom, Morizon, Gratka. Increasingly, searchers are visiting special thematic groups on social media – for example, on FB, where ads are posted. The advantage is the ability to see who is posting the ad. After all, on the web no one is completely anonymous. In addition, there is no need to write an email, just a message on messenger. For the hirer, FB allows you to reach a potential interested party more quickly. However, it also means a very high number of inquiries from people who are not really interested in the offer. Students also look for apartments by the traditional method – through ads hung on poles, around dormitories, at the university. We can also use the services of a real estate agency, which will help us find the apartment of our dreams, present proposals for several properties to choose from, conduct negotiations with the owner of the property on our behalf and take us step by step through the process of signing a contract and transferring the apartment. The agency charges a commission to the landlord or tenant or both.

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Apartment insurance – a fad or a wise decision?

Insurance is a separate issue. As tenants, we are not obliged to insure ourselves. The contract may oblige us to purchase insurance. It is worth knowing that the purchase of an apartment policy will protect us from a situation in which, through our fault, we flood our neighbor’s bathroom. It is not difficult to have a situation in which, when pouring water into the bathtub, the water overflows and floods the ceiling of the neighbor. In the case of a rented apartment, it can be insured by the landlord – this is insurance of walls and equipment against fire, explosion and other accidents.

It is a good idea to insure your apartment furnishings against theft, random events or burglary-especially if you store valuable items in your apartment. This protects us from the consequences of fortuitous events, electrical surges, fire. Insurance companies offer different variants of policies-with extensions for floods, burglary. Liability insurance in private life also protects us in case of damage caused to the belongings of third parties. This is especially important if we have small children or pets. Imagine the situation when a son kicking a ball hits a neighbor’s window, or an oven bites through a neighbor’s expensive purse or a tire in the car. Some packages also include a variant with assistance-helping a professional in case of equipment failure, refunding money for repairs or arranging for service assistance.

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