Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service: The Right Team for Cleaning a Hoarder’s House

Cleaning a hoarder’s house is not something someone can do single-handedly. You need the expertise of a professional hoarding cleanup service. Alternatively, you can put together a team of family or friends to assist with the cleaning job. With their help, lifting heavy items wouldn’t be a hassle. This will create a system that is more efficient and effective.

However, the team you assemble must know what they are up against. Make them understand the implications and state clearly how getting rid of these items can be emotionally stressful for the hoarder. More so, there are health risks that volunteers should be wary of. Examples include sharps, human waste, blood, and many other harmful items. Regardless of the size of the hoarding condition, get help from a professional hoarding cleanup service. This is very important.

If you feel you can handle the tasks, then make sure you have a well-organized team. You can organize an assembly line, where a few people move items in the room, another team moves the items out of the room, and the last member sorts the items into designated piles. Note that cleaning a hoarder’s home is not easy and cannot be completed in a day.

While dealing with a hoarder’s house singlehandedly could be an overwhelming experience, having a team assisting you can simplify the process as you have support and structure. If finding a team becomes a hassle, reach out to a professional hoarding cleanup service for assistance. These professionals have experience dealing with these situations, so rest assured that you are in good hands.

Putting a Hoarder’s Room in Order

A hoarder room can be defined as a cluttered room filled with irrelevant items. All hoarder’s rooms are always unorganized. There is hardly any space in the room where you can conveniently stand. Often all available wall and shelf space will be used. Take a look at the ceiling, and you might find an object protruding.

Not all items in a hoarder’s room are entirely useless. Some of the items can be useful but have not been used for an extended period of time. A hoarder will always go for new items once the old one develops a fault or wear out. You will find a pile of clothes that the  

hoarder no longer wear but finds it difficult to dispose of them.

Cleaning and Organizing a Hoarder’s Home

Cleaning a hoarder’s home can be one of the most difficult tasks ever. This is because a hoarder keeps items that he has no use for. Prior to cleaning the space, the first thing is to visit the room to assess the cleaning task and how big the project is. Any item that is broken or damaged should be disposed of. Donate valuable items to charity organizations. Any item that the hoarder does not need should be thrown away. Since hoarders often have a hard time getting rid of items they have no use for, cleaning a hoarder’s room can take longer compared to other cleaning jobs.

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