Pakawaste static waste compactors – versatile and effective

The Pakawaste range of ‘Powerkrush Static Waste Compactors’ is amongst the most versatile and effective on the market. Our compactors are utilised to compress large volumes of general waste which is material from businesses and households that cannot be recycled, and dry waste including paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, Styrofoam, rubber, metal, and food packaging waste.

The main benefit of compactors is the ability to compress into containers, thus massively reducing the volume of waste filling up bins and skips. They also help minimise disposal costs and make for a cleaner more efficient working environment.

Powerkrush models have different specifications to meet the requirements for different workloads, including capacity, materials, and available floor space. The Powerkrush 50, the smallest standard static compactor in our range, is designed to fulfil the requirements of light industry and commerce. The largest compactor is the Powerkrush 95, which is designed to cope with bulky items, but also for heavy, industrial waste that requires extra pressure for volume reduction; with three interim models, the Powerkrush 75, Powerkrush 85, and Powerkrush 90 fulfill all workload and material compression requirements in between.  

Reducing the volume of waste you dispose of won’t only save your business money, but it will also greatly benefit the environment, with less land-fill space being taken up by compressed waste.

The Benefits of Static Compactors:

  • Improved waste management
  • Minimise waste handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Suitable for high and low waste volumes

Our static waste compactors are used to compress a wide range of waste materials including general waste, packaging, wet waste, paper and cardboard, plastics, pallets, furniture and light metals such as window frames. They can handle large volumes of waste and make it quick and easy to change over containers and skips when they are full.

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