New Rider: Ten Steps To Becoming A Motorcyclist

If you’re feeling lost in the wilderness, here’s a handy guide

So, you’re considering becoming a motorcyclist. Welcome! Of course, with the name Saffy Sprocket, you’d expect me to be pro-motorcycle. So Read on to learn more

1. Decide what kind of biker you want to

The second step might be simple or difficult. It all depends on you. What kinds of bikes appeal to you the most? Are cruisers your favourite, or are you more of an adventure/dual-purpose type? Have neo-retro motorcycles piqued your attention? Or do sportbikes in all their plastic-wrapped coolness make you drool? Perhaps you’re looking for a versatile standard bike. It’s nice to have a bike that can help you focus your search for a first motorcycle while you learn how to switch between all the manufacturer and model names.

2. Visit your Local Bike Shop

It’s about bonding as much as it is about riding a motorbike. If you’re like us, when you start riding, you’ll strike up conversations with motorcyclists you encounter – even if you’re not on your bike at the moment. Dealerships and businesses that succeed understand the importance of fostering community as part of their growth strategy. They realize that educating new and potential riders will increase the number of people participating in the sport and perhaps convert them into long-term clients.

3. Do your research

Read everything you can about the bike you want to buy, not just here but all over the internet. Even visit motorcycle forums. There’s almost always at least one member of a well-populated forum who loves to help new riders. You’ll learn a lot more on forums than you will from online magazines about whether or not there are any typical issues with the bike you’re looking at buying.

4. Find out licensing requirements

You should definitely get a motorcycle license. Unlicensed drivers are overrepresented in collision statistics, so it’s an excellent idea. Every state has its own nuances when it comes to getting a motorbike license. You can discover what your state requires by visiting the DVLA website. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about motorcycles in your state, as well as any particular regulations that apply to them.

5. Attend a motorcycle training course

Motorcycling, as with any other sport, is a hazardous pastime. It’s possible to die while doing it. With the stakes this high, don’t you want to learn the fundamental riding skills and accident avoidance strategies before you go out there competing with the bulls? Because all of the training motorcycles are supplied by the course organizer, taking a motorcycle safety course is also an excellent method to actually ride before purchasing an expensive vehicle. About ten per cent of my students opted not to ride after taking my course as a motorcycle safety instructor.

6. Get your motorcycle license

the good news is that, in some states, passing a motorcycle safety course will eliminate the riding test requirement for your motorcycle license. Insurance companies also offer discounts to riders who can show proof of taking a safety education. If you still have to take the riding test, you’ll want to obtain your learner’s permit before purchasing your motorbike and then go back to the DVLA to take the riding test after you’ve become comfortable with it.

7. Buy bike gear

While your gear purchase may be done at the same time as you buy your first motorcycle, many people neglect to do this because they say they don’t have enough money remaining after paying for a bike. Let’s be honest; in your first year of riding, you’re more likely to get injured. (Keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of practice.) A minor spill without any equipment might quickly become extremely costly. For example, if you fall at 35 mph and aren’t wearing gloves, it’s possible that the impact will cause a small bruise-up to turn into a much bigger situation. It also applies to other pieces of protection.

8. Buy your first motorcycle

When most people buy their first motorbike, they believe they’ve joined the club. It’s a crucial step in becoming a motorcyclist. However, there is more to being a motorcyclist than simply owning a bike; it’s just around the corner. Now, enjoy the experience of buying your motorcycle for the first time. Enjoy that initial turn of the ignition key on your first motorcycle; it’ll never be the same way again. There’s nothing like feeling terror and joy as you ride home for the first time with its intoxicating blend of anxiety and hope.

9. Follow Saffy Sprocket

In the world of popular motorbike YouTubers, Saffy Sprocket is often considered the underdog. But that’s not going to stop her from releasing weekly new videos. Saffy Sprocket has been travelling across the United Kingdom for 16 months. In a series of videos, she is sharing her adventures with her viewers. The British motorbike YouTuber and vlogger will soon become a household name thanks to her signature “clumsy” mannerisms that she brings to every video. 

Ride as much as you can, then ride some more. Ride and then ride some more, keep riding, and don’t quit until the sun comes up. If you’ve made it this far in this article, you’re well on your way to becoming a motorcyclist. All you need is miles on your personal odometer: time in the saddle will do the rest. Remember to ride as much as possible to retain your skill levels up-to-date. The motorcycling learning curve is steep at first, but the benefits are worth it. Furthermore, riding may help you learn about life over time rather than just one lifetime of adventure.

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