Myths About Swingers And The Swinging Lifestyle

There are still a lot of myths, half-truths, and misconceptions about swinging and the lifestyle scene.

I believed these same myths to be true before I actively adopted the lifestyle. I’m here to definitively dispel a few myths now that I’ve met couples who are the centre of the swinging scene!

As we dispel a few of the most widespread swinger fallacies, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the instructive ride:

Swingers are old and creepy

Not all swinger guide are elderly, and not all of them are spooky. I certainly don’t think that old—my husband and I are only in our mid-30s! Most of the swingers we’ve met are between the ages of 35 and 55, and they all have good marriages.

There are some strange swingers around, but that’s only because strange ass people are everywhere.

They don’t all look 55+ and have trophy wives on their arms while sporting gold chains and Affliction t-shirts.

All swingers are part of a couple/single people aren’t allowed in the lifestyle

Unbelievably, there are some single swingers around. These feminine “unicorns” frequent swinging clubs and parties in droves. Numerous people like playing with couples, while others are just looking for married bisexual women to hang out with, while still others only want to have anonymous sexual encounters.

Single men constantly promote themselves on swinger websites and are frequently permitted (in limited quantities) to attend the same clubs and parties. MFM, or male + female + male sex combinations, is enjoyed by certain swinger couples.

They’re reckless and there’s a greater risk of STDs among swingers

There is a widespread belief that swingers are promiscuous sexually.

That couldn’t be further from the truth based on what we’ve seen. The majority of swingers have strict “safe sex only” policies, and most clubs and events require verified negative STD tests before admitting couples.

When compared to our vanilla acquaintances who scoff at the mere suggestion of such sexual deviance, we discovered that couples who were active in the swinging community were significantly less careless and dysfunctional.

Swingers don’t shy away from discussing or looking into difficult subjects like sexuality, boundaries, or their particular desires as a couple and as individuals.

Swinging is a man’s world/men drag their wives into the lifestyle

This lifestyle myth is incredibly pervasive and untrue. I usually make the decisions because I was the one to start our investigation into the swinging lifestyle.

Women frequently have the rare chance to express their sexuality freely and more openly while swinging.

There is zero tolerance for harassment of any type in swingers clubs and events, and they take this principle very seriously.

We have occasionally messaged a “couple” only to discover afterwards that the wife was never even mentioned in the initial chat. The male partner was pulling his wife into something she wasn’t even really interested in since he was totally into the idea of swinging.

Swingers are all kinksters

Contrary to popular misconception, swingers are not weirdos who are sex-crazed and can’t satisfy their sexual needs at home. They don’t sport-screw, and swinging isn’t some last-ditch effort to keep their marriage together.

They are people just like you and me. They resemble your friends, family members, and coworkers. They are not a unique type of person; some are accountants, physicians, sales managers, instructors, mechanics, photographers, and nurses.

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