Learn How To Make Your Blog Posts Work For SEO

You’ve put some time into writing a blog post. Now, you’d like to make sure that most possible readers actually see it. How do you do that? By making it friendly to search engines.

These are a handful of SEO tips you can use to make sure your blog gets noticed:

1) Utilize Keywords: What exactly is your blog post focused on? What specific keywords are others using relevant to this subject matter? You can find some trending keywords with just a little online research. Once you identify the most related words, put them into your content where they will have maximum visibility to both search engines and human eyes. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Sprinkling too many keywords into the writing can incur the wrath of Google penalties and also make it harder reading for human visitors to your blog.

2) Utilize Links: If you have previously written content that relates to a newer post, make sure you put a link to it. This makes your post even stronger since it demonstrates subject matter authority. If you mention other articles or bloggers, then make sure you include the links to them. It’s also a good practice when you reference academic articles.

3) Optimize Your Article Length: Your posts will ideally range from 300 to 700 words. Google seems to like longer articles, but human readers actually don’t. Always prioritize your human audience. They’re the ones you’re hoping to communicate with when it’s all said and done.

4) Promote Your Blog Posts With Social Media: Social media help your followers know about your most recent work. Google also views some social media activity as indicators of relevance and authority status of blog posts. When more people share your content, it’s safe for Google to assume that it’s something worth reading. Hootsuite is one of many free programs that you can use to manage social media across multiple platforms with minimal effort and clicks.

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