Know the Breast Augmentation Trends to Embrace and Avoid

Breast augmentation has acquired widespread popularity all across the globe. It aims at lifting the breasts while increasing their fullness and projection, as well as enhances the overall body proportions. You will not only enjoy an aesthetic appearance for a prolonged period but also gain the necessary self-confidence. 

The following write-up specifies two breast augmentation trends to avoid under all circumstances, and two to embrace. Please check them out now.

  1. Avoid Pop Up Clinics

A renowned breast surgeon in Rockville MD said pop-up clinics are known for being excellent at marketing. They use social media platforms and influencers to reach people in different parts of the world. Long-term follow-ups or checkups are unfortunately not possible since the clinics close down after a couple of weeks or months – the doctors get deregistered and/or inquired by the AHPRA.

Another strategy that the pop-up clinics use is ‘bait and switch. The doctor suggests a too-good-to-be-true plan for attracting prospective clients. The negligible starting cost gradually upsurges in the form of add-ons. With the special deals, you end up paying much more than your budget.

  1. Embrace Dual Plane

The implants are usually positioned either on top or below the chest muscles. In the case of the dual plane, the surgeon inserts the implants partially under the sub-pectoral muscles. Such a placement is beneficial since it provides you with natural-looking breasts, and leaves behind with almost no scars. The dual planes also do not harm the milk ducts and the nerves and tissues required for breastfeeding.

  1. Avoid Surgical Drains

The experts performing Alexandria plastic surgery said drains are uncomfortable, painful, and visually unappealing. Their use can be successfully avoided through innovative techniques and better anesthetic management. The drains require manual removal of fluids, which escalates the risk of infections to a great extent. Women prefer going drain less because well no one would like a tube poking out of their chest, right?

  1. Embrace Keller Funnel

Keller funnel is an exceptional device through which a surgeon can insert an implant into the chest cavity with fewer and tinier incisions. It resembles the piping bags used for baking and alleviates the chances of complications. Even though you can expect some level of scarring, the marks are much smaller and fade completely down the road if you practice aftercare with diligence.

More benefits include:

  • There is almost no physical contact with the implants. The doctor does not touch the implants. The implants pass through the Keller funnel to reach their destination.
  • The experts offering breast augmentation in Fairfax VA said Keller funnel is a transparent polymer that enables them to position the implant into desired location and shape.
  • Finally, yet importantly, the recovery period is brief because there are no large scars to heal.

In order to relish the benefits of breast augmentation surgery, you must know how to differentiate between the good and bad trends.

A large segment of women sought breast augmentation because it can help them look and feel great. They did get the surgery done from a board-certified practitioner after all. Carry out a comprehensive background check before scheduling an appointment. You would want to rely on someone who can tailor the procedure in accordance with your requirements.

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