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Over the years, Online trading has become one of the most growing industries. We have thousands of online brokers available in a matter of seconds. But this has also caused many numbers of frauds since it has become very easy to put up fake portfolios and scam people. But there are still few online trading platforms that are straightforward with what they are providing and have shown great proficiency over the years.

Ever since I have gotten fond of online trading, I have spent a substantial amount on getting the knowledge and information on how this online trading business works. In being adequately knowledgeable, I also did some research on online brokers. To make myself even more familiar with brokers online, I became a member of a few of them. In all honesty, I faced a lot of losses and was disappointed in how some brokers did not live up to my expectations. But then, luckily, I came across InfinityCapitalG

I had lost all my hopes in online trading before InfinityCapitalG was introduced to me by a friend of mine. Ever since I have made tons of profits with this broker and have been satisfied with every single one of them. InfinityCapitalG is on my top list for online trading. It is a good trustworthy platform where I can invest my resources without the fear of being scammed.

For an online trading platform to be trustworthy and reliable, it should keep a balance between almost all aspects of features it provides and InfinityCapitalG has done so. I have done trading with InfinityCapitalG for over a year, so I thought I should write a review on it since I know this broker inside and out. In this way, I might be able to help someone new in the trading world and with this platform.

InfinityCapitalG was founded almost 3 years ago. This broker’s primary mission was to make the trading platform as easy and user-friendly experience for their clients as much as possible. During my journey with this broker, I found their mission to be true to what it says. Henceforward, InfinityCapitalG has been a significant change for me among the other platforms I have tried myself. To begin with, how I found this broker to be a significant change, I shall elucidate on a few of its features that stood out to me.

Webpage and its Outlook:

InfinityCapitalG webpage is quite simple and easy to follow for their users. I found that their webpage was well put together and it was easy to navigate myself to different sections on its webpage. I think platforms should have a very engaging and colorful theme, InfinityCapitalG could definitely try to make the color theme more fun and attractive. But this platform had everything laid out on the front page from their educational center to accounts type and how I can be in contact with them. Another thing that I found interesting in every section was that they have mentioned tidbits about their platform and how it performs to make their users trading easy. 

They also mentioned which assets they are providing their users with, which include stocks, cryptos, commodities, currency, and indices (I felt that they were low in volume). While exploring parts of this platform, I came to know about its features and use of advanced technologies. They have incorporated advanced technology in trading tools and customer service so that their clients will not have to go through any difficulties. And if so, they have well-trained representatives that are readily available to help their customers out.

Quality of Services:

When I first visited this broker and indulged myself in trying to know it better, I was fascinated to see how much consideration they have put in for the beginners. Anyone who does not have enough knowledge about trading can easily access their educational material. So, it’s easier for them to master the trading basics first and then get into the trading world by opening up accounts according to their expertise. There are different sections available for the users under the title “Education” which has plenty of educational material I could enjoy and use for my benefits and make my trading even better with time. 

Besides the facility of educational material, I liked the fact that InfinityCapitalG offers a wide range of account types that enable the users to practice their trading expertise according to their respective account types. Each account type holds unique features that render to the need of the users that will help them in their trading and financial plans. There are 6 different account types and each has different mandatory initial deposits that a user needs to make. 

The lowest deposit requires the amount of $250 that gives the user access to a “Self-managed” account. This account type user can avail the features like market review and leverage up to 100. With each upgraded account, several features are unlocked that facilitate the users to their benefits. The most important features are available in the “Diamond” and “VIP” account types. There’s an entire page dedicated to the account types that show all the features each account type has.

Variety of Educational Material :

The quality and number of educational material provided by a platform say a lot about how much they take care of their user’s requirements. InfinityCapitalG offers me a vast assortment of e-books to help me out. I was able to better prepare myself in order to step into the trading business. These e-books are available free of cost to their users under the page section named “Education”. I was intrigued to see how much effort they have put in to make sure their new traders are provided with the best educational material they can get.

InfinityCapitalG does not only provide e-books but also an asset index, which is updated regularly which gave me better details on each asset. These details include the trading hours that are assigned to each asset along with their expiry rule. 

The asset index really helped me during my trading. Whenever I traded in my preferred asset, I would always go first to the asset index and since they have arranged all the assets alphabetically, it was easier for me to look for the details of the specific asset that I required. I also found their glossary and other tools handy, which helped me enhance my trading further. One thing that I felt they can improve in their educational center is the lack of material available for the advanced users. 

Customer Service:

InfinityCapitalG customer service is one thing that I have cherished the most throughout my trading venture. The trading experiences that I have had with other platforms, I was never satisfied with the assistance they provide. I always felt like I have been not guided properly and hence sometimes that lack of proper assistance would lead to losses. So, to me, a good online trading platform should always have excellent customer service.

Upon my investigation, I got to know that InfinityCapitalG provides live chat, email, and telephone services. Their telephone service is limited to Australia, United Kingdom, and Austria. I think they should consider including other countries under this service which will benefit a broader range of their clients. I mostly opted for the live chat. I found live chat to be the best and fast way to be in contact with them. The email service was just as good. 

Trade Speed

Trade speed of deposits and withdrawals depends on which account type you use. InfinityCapitalG provided me with relevant information that told me about their trade speed, which includes withdrawal speed, cancellation, and refund, that I found very helpful in time of need. If you decide to go with a bank wire transfer, it is expected that money will be on the record within 5 minutes or less. 

Although there are other payment options, this platform offers. These payment options include Maestro and Mastercard. I found these payment methods to be performing faster for the transactions but I think InfinityCapitalG should opt for other payment methods as well such as VISA, and Paypal.

I believe this broker performs far better for transactions than most of the other trading platforms. For InfinityCapitalG, I think this is a great platform for any individual who is looking for a platform to make his/her trade instantly. Therefore, I think InfinityCapitalG is well equipped with all the tools and features that make this platform handle fast and better transactions.


My final thoughts on InfinityCapitalG are that it is a great platform for beginners where they can start their trading experience with a reliable broker. I found this broker has proved to bring a significant change in my trading venture because of its vast range of educational material, advanced use of technology in tools and charts. Their customer service was a significant experience for me. I felt I chose a great platform for trading where I am safe with my resources.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my experience and myself-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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