Improve your leadership skills with Telf AG

That’s what we’ve been waiting for! A unique educational and economic game Telf AG is already freely available on the App Store and Google Play platforms. Telf AG is the result of joint efforts of developers, led by the ArtDock Studio team. The company already has its own merits in the world of gaming, including the latest successful project SOS OPS!, available on the Steam platform. Today we have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the economic game Telf AG, which amazes with its colorful visual style, realistic business concepts, exciting stories and an important social mission.

Telf AG: real management experience in a game format

Many of us, at different points in our lives, have been interested in board games related to economics. Whether as children, young adults or adults, we have experienced the excitement of playing Monopoly, Manager, Empire or Capitalist. These games allowed us to become entrepreneurs, build business empires and compete for profits. Sometimes we had to face bankruptcy and apply for additional financing from the bank. Now Telf AG offers a current digital version of these board games, but with a unique difference – it is based on real events in the metallurgical and energy industries. This game combines entertainment with an educational component. Telf AG immerses you in the exciting world of business and strategic management.


Complete the mini-game and replenish your resources for the further development of Telf AG company

Discover environmentally friendly nickel mining with Telf AG

In Telf AG’s game strategy, the key element is the process of mining, processing and exporting nickel. From the very beginning of the game, to help you navigate and make the right decisions, you will be accompanied by a virtual assistant. This attractive girl will be your guide, guiding you through the key vectors of the gameplay. This is an indicator of how carefully the development team Telf AGI thought through every detail of the game. It is no coincidence that a business idea related to nickel mining was chosen. Let’s look at what factors served as the motivation for its implementation in the game.

Today, the transition to alternative energy sources in various sectors of the economy is being discussed at the global level. Metals such as nickel play an important role in the development of advanced solutions for low-emission transport, clean energy production, storage and batteries. Metals are thus at the heart of our green economy. Nickel is becoming an integral part of this evolution, and Telf AG provides you with a unique opportunity to explore the extraction and effective use of this resource in your profitable strategies.

Telf AG simulation game – a tool for successful professional development

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Look around: an exciting journey with the game Telf AG awaits you

How old are you is a secondary question. The main thing is the desire and ability to own the funds earned. The Telf AG game gives you the opportunity to test your skills in creating and developing enterprises, as well as in effectively investing in your business, regardless of age.

Many of us have always dreamed of becoming successful entrepreneurs and leaders in our field. Telf AG offers you this unique chance. In this game you will be given the opportunity to design driving routes, optimize the mining industry, manage a cargo ship and develop strategies for your business. Now all this is in your hands with your faithful companion Telf AG.

Play Telf AG and become a successful entrepreneur

Let’s start your path to business success today! Telf AG allows you to discover the exciting world of economic and educational gaming. While you are developing your startups, expansion of gaming locations is already being prepared. This means that even greater opportunities await you with Telf AG, which will soon appear on the Steam platform.

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