How to write a simple and good resume

A resume is the defining element of a career application. Create a simple and modern resume inspired by a free template and professional tips with this guide.

Create a resume? All you need to do is list your research, professional experience, interests. Easy, right?

If you were the only candidate, then yes. But you are competing with dozens of others. And among them, some are very serious about creating their resume. Theoretically, writing a resume is very simple: list the highlights of your career and studies.

This is to forget that each part of the resume must be carefully crafted, organized intelligently and adapted to each job offer.

But that’s not all. As the main element of the application, your resume should be perfectly optimized from A to Z, leaving nothing to chance.

What is a resume?

The resume, or curriculum vitae, is the application’s main document. On one blank page, it contains the experience, skills, qualities, and research of the candidate. The design should be airy and pleasant to read: a simple font (size 10-12 points), light colors.

How to write a resume?

  • Put your contact details and photo.
  • List experience and diplomas in antichronological order.
  • Appreciate his know-how and his know-how.
  • Clearly describe their language and computer skills.
  • Use keywords adapted to the profession and company.
  • Choose a simple and pleasing presentation (readable font and colors).
  • Fit everything on one page.
  • Tailor your resume to each job offer according to the needs of the employer.

A resume that fails to appear will simply not be read. Thus, the resume acts as a first impression, an introduction to your profile.

Successful resume layout

  • One page.
  • Margins leave room.
  • Lightly loaded page (avoid too many images and icons).
  • Only some resume colors (background, title, text).
  • Professional resume font (large enough for your modern resume template or simple resume template).
  • Use bold and italics sparingly (no underlining).

A simple resume is an easy-to-read and logical resume. If needed, additional tips on how to write get a professional resume can be found here.

To do this, you must first know how to organize your resume using the correct format.

Here are a few examples that will show you how to properly format a resume.

If you’ve worked for 2 or more companies, it’s a good idea to use a two-column format that makes your resume easy to read.

Initials at the beginning of the document, icons to help distinguish between different sections of the summary, level scales located in a separate column. All this inspires modernity, while remaining very professional.

On the other hand, if you have little experience, give preference to the format presented above. Indeed, it will be easier for you to fill out a resume without leaving empty spaces that are so typical for newbie resumes.

An innovative presentation will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants. Choose the font and color that suits you and express your personality while ensuring that your document is perfectly readable!

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