How to unpair apple watch without phone ?

The Apple Watch can also be unpaired without an iPhone. This is very useful if you lost the paired smartphone or forgot to disconnect your digital marketing technology smartwatch and the device before purchasing. To do this, you have to delete all saved settings of the Apple Watch. 

◆ How to unpair Apple Watch without iPhone ?

If the iPhone is not at hand, you also have the option of disconnecting the devices via the Settings menu of the Apple Watch. However, all personal data and settings are deleted during the process. However , the data can be quickly restored using the backup function of the Apple Watch . When you set up the clock again, you can download it from iCloud.

Go to Settings on your Apple Watch and tap on “General”.

Now the option “Reset” appears. Tap on it and select “Erase Settings & Contents”.

If you have a GPS + Cellular model, you still have to decide whether you want to keep your cellular tariff.

If you want to pair the two devices again at a later point in time, simply leave the tariff in place. Otherwise, remove the cellular plan.

To complete the process, tap “Erase everything”.

The Apple Watch will now be disconnected and reset to the factory settings.

If you then restart the Apple Watch, you can set up the device again. The watch can be connected to both the old and a new smartphone.

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◆ How to unpair apple watch without phone using the computer ?

If you don’t have a paired iPhone at hand, use your computer to unpair apple watch.

STEP.1: Access iCloud and “log in”. Access iCloud from your computer and log in with your Apple ID.

STEP.2: Select Find My iPhone. Select Find My iPhone after logging in to iCloud. After logging in , press “Find My iPhone” from the icons lined up .

STEP.3: Select “Apple Watch”. On the next screen, the map will be displayed. Click “All Devices” in the middle of the screen and select “Apple Watch of XX” in the displayed devices .

STEP.4: Click “Erase Apple Watch”. A new Apple Watch screen will appear, so select “Erase Apple Watch”.

STEP.5: Press “Erase”. Would you like to erase this Apple Watch? All contents and settings will be erased … will be displayed, so just press “Clear”.

◆ How to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone ?

Usually, the easiest way to unpair the Apple Watch from your iPhone is through the Watch app. You can find the corresponding function in the menu when you tap on your Apple Watch under the “My Watch” tab. Go to the “i” and select “Unpair Apple Watch”.

STEP.1: Open the “Watch” app.

STEP.2: Tap the Apple Watch with “your name” displayed.

STEP.3: On the next screen, tap “i” on the right side.

STEP.4: Tap “Unpair Apple Watch”

STEP.5: “Cancel pairing with XX’s Apple Watch” is displayed, so tap it

STEP.6: Enter your Apple ID password

Enter your Apple ID to unpair. Then you will be asked for your Apple ID password, so enter the password and perform ” Unpairing ” .

STEP.7: Apple Watch unpairing started. Unpairing with your Apple Watch will begin. This process will take a while, so let’s wait for it to complete.On the Apple Watch side, such a meter is displayed and it will take some time to complete everything.

STEP.8: Complete when the initial pairing screen of Apple Watch is displayed. When the Apple Watch displays the default settings like this, unpairing is complete.

● What to do when you cannot unpair apple watch?

If you do not follow the proper procedure, a pairing cancellation error may occur.

STEP.1: Select “General” in the My Watch item

STEP.2: Select “Reset”

STEP.3: Then tap “Erase Apple Watch content and settings”

You can also unlock the activation lock by pressing “Clear Apple Watch content and settings” .

◆ What to do when apple watch doesn’t pair again ?

If your Apple Watch isn’t pairing and the cause is unknown, the first thing to do is to try these simple steps:

Make sure you haven’t accidentally turned on Airplane mode . This switches off Bluetooth automatically. In addition, the devices must be close together.

Switch the bluetooth on the iPhone or iPad off and on again. To do this, swipe down from the top and tap on “Bluetooth”.

If the connection is still not established afterwards, switch the Bluetooth on the Apple Watch off and on again. All you have to do is wipe from top to bottom.Often times, restarting both devices can also help.

Check if your iPhone needs to do any important updates.

As soon as your iPhone is up to date, open the Watch app and navigate to “My Watch”> “General”> “Software Update” to update the watch as well. Alternatively, you can update your watch directly by going to “Settings”> “General”> “Software update” in the watch – watchOS 6 or higher is required for this.

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