How to originally paint the wall in the apartment with your own hands?

Beautiful wall decoration is original, stylish and attractive. Modern fashion offers various solutions, and today wallpaper is being replaced by painting. The market offers a large selection of different enamels, including decorative compositions. Among the top brands, Flugger wall paint is popular because of its good ingredients and exemplary performance. You can choose a color for almost any interior by evaluating the proposed options in the catalog or by consulting with the manager.

You can paint the wall in an original way on your own, if you approach the procedure competently and responsibly. To do this, you need to choose the type of enamel, its color and creatively proceed to the design. Let’s talk in more detail about each stage.

How to paint a wall in an original way

What paint is suitable for walls?

To decorate the walls choose the following paints:

Acrylic – one of the most popular, they do not have a pronounced smell and dry quickly. You can choose any shades by evaluating them in the catalog.

Latex – these paints are chosen for the kitchen or bathroom, they are resistant to moisture. The disadvantages include sunburn.

Water-based paints are one of the most budgetary, they are not always chosen. They take a long time to dry and fade quickly.

Alkyd enamels are bright and saturated, with their help you can beautifully decorate the surface. The disadvantages include a strong odor and toxicity.

Silicone compounds are versatile and affordable, provide beautiful shades and are resistant to moisture. They cost more than usual.

Silicate paints – they contain “liquid glass”, therefore, in addition to color, they provide an attractive surface texture. They are often chosen for offices or administrative premises, where wallpaper is usually not glued.

We select the color

When choosing shades, they are primarily guided by their own preferences, the color should be beautiful and fit into the interior. Manufacturers offer a large selection of compositions for every taste, you can see the photos in the product descriptions and evaluate compatibility. However, there are average requirements for the selection of paint colors.

Here are the main ones:

for small rooms it is better to choose light shades, they visually expand the interior space;

children’s rooms are decorated brightly and colorfully, the sleeping corner itself is painted in dark colors, but with taste – for example, in the form of a “starry sky”;

the living room is usually decorated with muted but bright colors in accordance with the overall design;

the bedroom is decorated in soothing colors that help to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Do-it-yourself design features

For coloring, ideally, invite a designer, because the design of a residential building or office is not an easy task. Here you need not just taste, but also the ability to combine tones with each other, which will provide excellent interior design.

If you decide to get down to business on your own, consider a few simple tips:

work with decorative paints, they are best suited for such work;

you can work with stencils of drawings, applying images to a pre-prepared plain surface;

play with tones, make unusual transitions from green to red or blue;

if there is no stencil at hand, unusual drawings can usually be created with a brush, selectively smearing the walls with a different color along the entire periphery;

aerobatics – painting for drawings, but accuracy and professionalism are required here.

You can paint the walls with your own hands; in the absence of experience, choose the easiest way. In the store you can buy ready-made stencils or purchase decorative silicate paint.

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