How to Make Your Radio Control Vehicle Faster

If you are fond of Radio Control Vehicles like me, you are actually wondering how you can make your radio control vehicle work smoothly and faster. Then you finish your first alteration and run the radio control car for a few days now. Well, this is the point of time where you go amazed and think if you can also make it faster. This process never gets old; this only gets more addictive! Let’s see what you can do to upgrade the top speed of the regular radio control car.

No More Brushed Vehicles – Make Your Radio Control Car Faster

OK, I had to take this one out of the blue. If your radio control car has a brushed vehicle, your radio control car is way too slow. Exchange the brushed radio control with a brushless car. By doing this, it will increase the speed of your radio control vehicle that you used to see with your radio control car drastically. In order to find the exact brushless motor for your radio control car, my advice is to begin researching what the rest are using for that particular model. Knowing that others are using a similar brushless radio system is the best approach to making sure that you choose an authentic, proven radio system to achieve your goals.

Modify the Gear Ratio – Making Your Radio Control Faster

Modify the gear ratio on your radio control car is one of the simplest things you can do to upgrade high speed. You have an option between modifying the motor pinion gear else the mating spur gear. The next option is that you can really change both the gears and get twice the advantage.

To upgrade the top speed, the most ordinary place is to start with the pinion gear. The aim is to decrease the overall gear ratio. For every turn the motor finishes, we need a rise in turns that the wheels have to form. To shorten the gear ratio, we must raise the number of teeth over the Pinion Gear. To reduce the gear ratio by replacing the spur gear, we would lower the tooth count of the spur gear.

If you had to increase, for instance, the extent of the pinion gear, you would ultimately hit a diameter problem. There is so much space that a motor radio control car will permit adjustment. In this case, you must reduce the size of the spur gear to make space to raise the pinion gear size. Modifying both the spur gear and the pinion gear altogether can make an immense difference in the name of the speed potential.

Raise the Cell Count – Creating Your Radio Control Vehicles Faster

Raising the LiPo cell count is a different way than you may raise the high speed of the radio control vehicle. If your car is running on a two-cell LiPo, running up to a three-cell LiPo will boost the speed significantly. In theory, boosting a cell count from 2 – 3 will boost the speed approximately by 50%. The simple change can make the most significant difference with the slightest amount of modifications required. Therefore, boost the cell count is not every time possible based on the power system of your radio control.

You should just do this if you understand that your ESC can manage the extra voltage and amperage. The total number of current consumed by the car is straightaway related to the load it should overcome. Raising the cell count upgrades the expected amount of the whole RPM of the vehicle. More RPM translates into more load. An up-gradation in load on the ESC could destroy your ESC (and more) if it were not planned for it.


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