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How to make Yahoo as my Homepage


If you are someone who prefers to use yahoo more times, then you will be planning to ‘make yahoo, as homepage’. If you are in that mindset, we assure you that you are in the right place. We will guide you about how you can set it up by yourself and also you will get to know more about Yahoo by reading it completely.

What is Yahoo?

An internet portal incorporated on 2 March 1995, which offers search engines to their users and it is also a worldwide website. So this will help users to receive the best result when they search about something online.

Advantages of Yahoo:

Any subject you search on yahoo, you will get a similar better result on those topics.

With the assistance of this search engine, you will also be able to do research using this tool.

When you want to know about a term, you can get to know from simpler form to the most scientific answers can be found using this site.

There is a message board that allows the users or viewers to discuss any topic of their preference. So through this method you will be able to get to know someone who is of your thoughts.

Relationships are a very crucial part of life; yahoo helps to connect with people around the world and give people strong friendships and even offers other relationships like love relationships and marriage relationships.

Another best feature that is loved and used more by the people is the Yahoo mail services. Users can send from any part of the world to any part of the world for free of cost.

All assignment works for kids going to school to college students can be found in this yahoo.

Any news that you want to know around the world can be received to you within a fraction of a second.

Disadvantages of yahoo:

Sometimes the information that we consider as genuine will be absolutely fake, so we will have to do our own research.

When we start to use the internet we will not know how time flies and thus we will be wasting all our precious time.

Some tend to get addicted to the internet, not only that they will also fall in love and end up in depression when the other person disappears.

Videos like pornography which are violated for kids to watch will be easily watched by them.

The Internet must be used cautiously since there are plenty of hackers who are waiting to steal the user’s information or even inject a virus into the user’s device.

Another thing that the hackers do is they will be involved in an activity that is called identity theft.

There are also websites in the name of business involved in fraud and cheating the users who are trusting them.

Different browsers available:

Choose the browser that you are using from the below and set the yahoo homepage according to that website.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer



Yahoo as a homepage on your chrome:

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and then tap on the menu option, after that select the settings option.

Step 2: Then you will have to scroll down and click on the option ‘show home button’.

Step 3: After that you will have to enter the custom web address.

Step 4: Here enter the yahoo address since you want to set it as your homepage.

Step 5: Again scroll down and select any of the specific pages or set of pages.

Step 6: Next click on the option ‘add a new page’. From now on, your homepage will be set as yahoo automatically.

In firefox, set yahoo as homepage:

Step 1: Again click on the menu in your firefox browser and click on the option.

Step 2: Now a new tab will open, click ‘home’ on it. Now in the homepage and new windows click the custom URL. In this, you will have to click on yahoo’s URL since we are going to

set it as the homepage.

Step 3: After pasting the URL, now in your browser yahoo will be as the homepage.

Setting yahoo as homepage in Internet Explorer:

Step 1: Click the settings icon in the internet explorer browser. Then click on the internet option.

Step 2: Then in the general option, you will see the home page; enter the yahoo URL address which you wanted to be as your homepage. Finally, click on the option ok.

Set Yahoo as homepage in safari:

Step 1: Open your safari browser, then click on the edit option and select preference.

Step 2: Then click on the safari opens with the option, then click on the homepage and enter the yahoo address.

Step 3: In the toolbar, add the home button, then click on the view and select the customize toolbar. Finally, drag the home button into the safari toolbar.

First, check which browser you are using, then from the above headings look for your browser and follow the steps given. This is how we will have to Change the default homepage to yahoo.

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