How to Find a Suitable Tarp for Your Needs

Tarps are valuable assets because of their various uses in outdoor spaces. Their typical applications include trailer covers, camping, construction, maintenance, and home needs like water harvesting.

Whether buying tarps online or at a physical shop, you are at the right place: We have tips on purchasing the best product.

A Guide for Purchasing Tarps

Purchasing tarps is a good idea because you do not know when you will need them. The covers protect objects against weather elements and other external factors. Buying something durable will get value for your money.

With various brands in the market, knowing what to look for in tarps is vital for finding the best quality product. You do not want to get something that does not suit your needs or breaks after using it a few times.

Features to Look for in Tarps

Knowing the purpose of buying a tarp helps in determining its specifications. The following are some features to look for;

  • Fabric: materials for manufacturing tarps differ depending on their use. They usually have several layers to increase their strength. The number of threads is vital when determining fabric quality. Look for a dust-proof fabric as you do not want particles to collect on its surface and to maintain tarps appeal.
  • Thickness: manufacturers indicate tarps thickness in mils. The higher the value, the thicker the cover. Choose the thickness depending on its intended use. Standard tarps are six mils thick, while the heavy-duty is double. Still, others go up to 23mils in thickness.
  • Waterproofing: tarps for outdoor use need protection from rainwater. The cover should not allow water to run through it or leak. Proofing is critical as they are prone to damage from harsh climatic conditions. Also, the features are essential in protecting objects from weather elements like rain and snow. 
  • Shrink-proof: tarps are prone to shrink, and selecting one with shrink-proof properties is critical. Covers with the features are more durable and last longer than those without. If the tarp’s thickness reduces, it will negatively affect its performance. It will likely let water through its surface and not serve its purpose anymore.
  • Lamination: the best quality tarps have an additional lamination layer for durability. It is beneficial in blocking sun rays from penetrating tarps.

Choosing a Suitable Tarp for Your Needs

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a tarp for outdoor use;


Tarps are multi-functional, and purchasing something you can use for different needs is best. When setting it up outdoors, the canvas you buy should protect you against weather elements from the top, bottom, and sides.

Besides using it as a shelter or tent, select tarps you can use for other things like covering your car or boat. The type and strength of the material you choose will depend on how you want to use the product.


Whether purchasing online or at local stores, it would help to think about a suitable design and have the dimensions for customization. The tarp size differs depending on the area it should fill.

Ensure enough material to cover the space without leaving spaces on the edges. It would be best to consider adding an allowance to the dimensions estimate for better functionality.

If the vendor has stock tarps, select a size close to your requirements. It is best to go for the more extensive option than a smaller one as it may not be adequate for your needs.


Choosing durable tarps will ensure a return on your investment with prolonged service life. You can determine its durability by evaluating its raw material and tarps features.

How you use them will impact tarps’ longevity, and you should factor it in when shopping for them. Still, the environment matters; proofing them against elements will make a cover more durable.


Materials that manufacture tarps differ in composition and determine their resistance to external factors. Select materials that are rust-resistant for outdoor use.

The quality of the tarp is essential to consider. Harsh climatic conditions and dust make them prone to rust. You can ask about features that proof a cover from the factors. The best choice is one with all-weather protection.

Select heavy-duty materials for covering things outdoors. It should be thick and breathable for the best performance. Ensure the canvas does not tear easily.

Tarps come in various specifications. The information in this read can help you find the most suitable option for your needs. Store the covers in a cool, dry place to enhance their service life.

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