How To Do Marketing And Promotion For An On-demand Taxi App?: Easy Step-by-Step Process For Every Budget

Let’s face reality. Over 50,000 apps are launched every month, and you’re all familiar with a handful of successful ones. This narrow success rate is one worrying factor that can make an entrepreneur revisit the decision to explore the online medium. While developing an app has been made simple with the emergence of clone app solutions, channelizing the app and targeting it towards the audience is a skill that an entrepreneur has to gain mastery over. On any given day, marketing and promotion decide the winner when it comes to the on-demand app market.

With customers spoilt for choices, there’s a need for entrepreneurs to reach out to the right audience at the right time. According to a recent study, successful apps spend almost one-third of their development cost on marketing the platform. With the market for taxi apps growing exponentially, the need for marketing a taxi platform is more than ever. Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to launch an on -demand taxi app? In such a case, you need to know about different marketing strategies that make your platform stand apart. This blog discusses a step-by-step process that can help you market your taxi app effortlessly.

#1 The prerequisite stage – Make it Count!

‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening the axe,’ said Abraham Lincoln. Now, before you develop, launch, and market your on-demand taxi platform, you need to be well wary of certain aspects that can significantly impact your business’s success. By taking the utmost care of these prerequisites, you can scale your business in the shortest possible time.

Market research: Unless and until you conduct extensive market research, success will remain a distant fruit. Hence, ensure that you’re up to date with the market conditions and growth. Market research ideally involves a competitor analysis, wherein you get to know your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses.

Customer expectations: Similar to market research, identifying and analyzing customer expectations is another strenuous task. By catering to the needs of your customers comprehensively, you can enhance satisfaction rates. Conducting customer expectation surveys, gathering feedback from existing customers can all come in handy during this stage.

Identify your KPIs: While this may sound simple, it is the most important prequel

isite that can help you achieve better clarity in the long run. KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are a measurement technique used to assess the success of your platform. Determining your KPIs and having an eye on them from time to time will enable you to evaluate your position and frame suitable strategies accordingly.

This prerequisite stage will lay the foundation for your platform’s growth and marketing strategies in the future. Remember that you need to sweat more in practice to bleed less in war!

#2 The Supply-demand stage – Strike the chord!

Similar to any other taxi app, your platform works on the supply-demand principle. You need to maintain the perfect balance between your service providers and customers. Now, how does your platform act as a centralized hub between drivers and passengers? Well, the answer is simple – you need significant publicity.

Reaching out to drivers

You need experienced and efficient drivers to be part of your ecosystem as they can provide hassle-free rides. Focusing on social media channels can come in handy, considering the fact that social media is one of the most reliable mediums nowadays. An average Internet user has nearly eight social media accounts. Hence, try channelizing your platform via Facebook & Instagram ads.

Another crucial element that you need to take care of is your commission scale. Not many drivers prefer to give up a huge percentage of commissions. Hence, leverage your drivers with a low commission scale as they can pioneer your platform via the most effective word of the mouth marketing. Drivers are more likely to believe a statement from their own lot rather than an outsider.

Gaining a stronghold of customers

Now, there are numerous ways to reach out to customers. You can follow the traditional and expensive offline methods like TV commercials, newspaper ads, etc., or you can adopt a highly effective online approach. Promoting your platform via numerous social media channels can help you boost visibility in no time. Besides, branding via Google Adwords can do the trick as most passengers out there search for taxi services online.

Captivate the audience with enthralling promos and functionalities via different channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Having a social media site for your taxi platform can  

be vital to stay in touch with your audience base. Besides, online channels are a great way to hear feedback and upgrade your quality of services periodically.

#3 The optimization stage – One Last Push!

Ask a successful marketer about the role that ASO plays in establishing a top-notch taxi app into the industry. ASO is the abbreviated term for App Store Optimization. ASO is a process of enhancing conversion rates by improving app visibility in app stores. No matter what tech-stack you integrate or what features you incorporate, everything becomes pointless unless your app is visible to the target audience.

While the initial stages of ASO can be handled on your own, it is advisable to have a seasoned team of ASO experts working extensively to achieve better optimization and brand visibility to your Uber clone app.

Keeping the budget in mind

To avoid building castles in thin air, you need to be wary that all these activities need money from an entrepreneur’s pockets. Without a predefined budget or a feasible marketing strategy, you’ll end up spending a bulk-load of cash or dropping your project halfway. Hence, while deciding your total app development budget, dedicate a specific financial sum for marketing and promotional purposes.

While the taxi app market promises a sound ROI, it is up to the entrepreneur to invest wisely in the required aspects and maximize his/her profits in no time.


These are the marketing strategies that can help you propel your taxi app towards your audience. Reach out to an expert app development company, tell them your visions and needs, and build a positive brand value and enhance your visibility in the shortest possible time.

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