How Do You Tell if a Website Is Well Designed?

Having a gorgeous and well-designed website is crucial if you wish to succeed in your business and capture your readers’ attention. When creating a site, there are some key elements that can either make or break your business. Here are some points that you should focus on, look into, and implement when it comes to your website.

Top 8 signs that will tell if your site is well-designed

Get the user’s attention

Most sites will have dynamic content, and capturing your reader’s attention with your site and its information is imperative. Do you have the right set of pictures that can catch the eye? Also, did you know that most users will instantly recognize edges and motions? Focus your reader’s attention on different colours, patterns, questions, and fonts. To sum it all up, do not be bare, and try to stand out from the rest.

Feature exposure

Most users will appreciate guidelines on every site, no matter what the topic is. Thanks to these guidelines, every visitor will go through the site content in a very simple and user-friendly way. Make sure that your users see what functions are available and what they can get from your site. Is the content well-understood and presented in the best form? If not, make sure to make some quick adjustments.

The right format

Each site is different and unique in its way. You should adjust the writing style to users’ preferences. Here are some key points that you should follow:

·         Use shorter phrases

·         Use scannable layouts

·         Break the text

·         Use different headings and fonts

·         Use italic & bold features

·         Don’t forget to go for catchy headlines

Embrace the white space

White spaces are something that scares writers, editors, and site developers. However, did you know that white space can help reduce the cognitive load for the visitor and allow you to fully focus on the information on the screen? Complex structures can be harder to read and scan and browse through. The main emphasis should be on the visual hierarchy, so heads up before you make final edits to your site. Go for the right amount of white space, and ensure it fits your vibe.

Test early & often

Testing is important, and you should do it at the right moment. This means not too early and not too late. The principle should be applied to every web design project. Do not do it too late, often, or for the wrong reasons. Make sure to understand and follow this pattern:

·         It is best to test one user early in the project and get their opinion

·         Do not test 100 users near the end, it is pointless

·         Remember that it is an iterative process

Embrace conversations

Remember that it is always best to go for a pattern others are comfortable with. What does it mean to embrace a conversation?

A) A conversational menu at the top of each page

B) Contact information at the bottom of each page

C) Clickable logo at the top of the page that will redirect back to the homepage

D) A search bar

Strive for different colours. It is easier to navigate the site when everything is shiny, colourful and different. Aim for words that are unique to your site and brand or logo.

Consistency is key

Consistency is key! Also, did you know that trust is built through consistency? This means regular posting and keeping it unique and in your niche is a must! You should go for consistent design elements across your website. This means that you should stay true & consistent with yourself and your brand. Keep the same colour scheme and fonts across each page. Make sure that your visitors are always coming back to visit you for you, not because you are trying to copy all the latest trends and adapt to something new. Stay fun, different, unique, and consistent!


Finally, are you easily accessible, and how does your audience feel about you and your site? Do you know that over half of sites nowadays are accessed by our phones? People are slowly drifting away from their laptops and trying to make more technological and advanced switches. More & more users are visiting different sites with their phones on a regular everyday basis. Ensure your site is phone-friendly and you embrace the mobile website design. Think about all the younger generations that are constantly on their phones. Is your website friendly and catered to them as well?

Where to begin?

Not too sure where to begin or what to do about your webpage design? Making that first initial step is the hardest move, which is why you will appreciate the website design services at Smoking Chili Media. They do digital marketing and website design while providing you with all the needed SEO strategy details, copywriting, and email information! They can easily get you to the top of the Google page to increase your sale. You will get the needed knowledge at a reasonable price while building your site & your brand by following all of their recommended guidelines & rules. Ideal for start-ups or businesses that have been around for some time yet have been having a hard time making a breakthrough.

Ready to make some adjustments?

So, now you know what it takes to be the best and what it takes to make a difference when building your site. Simply follow these rules and guidelines, and you will increase your sales and get the needed exposure! These tips are for everyone, whether individuals who run a blog or big companies that are trying to make a breakthrough.

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