How An Advanced Enviro-Septic System Works

There are many options when you have a septic system design. No matter what choice you go with, you want it to work properly. Every septic system is designed to filter waste from your home so that it can go back into the environment. The important part of the septic field design is to make sure the water is safe and free of contamination.

An advanced Enviro-Septic System allows for a smaller leach field and reduces maintenance needed on the system. This system treats wastewater to a higher degree than a conventional septic system. The water returned into the ground will have 98% of the contamination removed in a smaller amount of time than conventional septic tank systems design.

Enviro-Septic Systems work by wastewater entering a septic tank where the solids and liquid are separated. The wastewater proceeds into chambers where the water will seep out of holes in the pipes. Bacteria in the chambers eat away at the contaminants in the wastewater helping speed the filtering process up. The water that seeps out of the holes in the pipes is then filtered further before entering the groundwater table.

Many new septic system designs require oxygen to work properly so venting is important. A vent is installed by the leach field to allow air to enter the septic system. Another vent is installed on the top of your home to allow air to exit the system.

The benefits of this system is that it doesn’t require electricity for any pumps or any mechanical devices to work. The tank, chambers, pipes, and vents are the only parts of this system. This allows less maintenance to be needed for this system. It’s still important to have a professional come by to pump the tank every couple years. The exact amount of time before your tank fills depends on how much water you produce. The more people who live in your home, the faster the tank will fill up. Ask your septic tank contractor how long before you should have the tank pumped to avoid any issues with your system.

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