How a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script helps in Boosting Trading Volume

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a mainstream investment avenue with skyrocketing interest from traders. Develop a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script and lead the market soon.

How a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script helps in Boosting Trading Volume

With Bitcoin exceeding the $58,350 mark recently, it has received a lot of interest from institutional investors, treasurers, and big technology companies. Traders in digital currencies find it easy to buy and sell them due to the robust technical infrastructure that is offered by a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. 

What does a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script imply?

It is a well-functioning trading platform where all the buyers and sellers register themselves and start dealing in the leading virtual currencies. It contains different elements like a powerful matching engine, inbuilt hot and cold wallets, an admin panel, and a friendly user interface. 

What are the various advantages offered by a Cryptocurrency Trading Script?

  • The accurate matching engine matches the requests raised by the buyers and sellers of the platform quickly. Hence, trading of assets can be done in a jiffy.
  • It is backed up by sufficient liquidity ensuring easy conversion of crypto holdings by the investors. APIs are established with the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.
  • The funds of the users are safeguarded in the form of secure cold storage facilities. It can be accessed only through private keys that are under the control of the users.
  • A high level of transparency is ensured, as all the activities executed on the platform like order history and transactions processed are stored in the immutable distributed ledger that can be accessed anytime by the crypto traders.
  • Technical support is rendered 24×7 ensuring a higher user retention rate.
  • The user interface is simple to use as trades can be executed with just a few clicks and simple widgets. It is apt for both amateurs who are new to the cryptocurrency space and professional traders who are highly experienced.

Add-on features provided as part of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • Spot trading – This can be used by the traders to close profitable buying and selling deals quickly without facing any issues.
  • Copy-trading – Those users who are beginners in the cryptocurrency world can make use of the copy trading facility by creating multiple portfolios simultaneously to boost their returns. It is supported by a variety of trading pairs along with an integrated profit/revenue calculator.
  • Digital marketing assistance – This is done to boost the traffic to the trading platform. Aggressive promotion is done across numerous communication channels to attract a larger target audience. It includes social media engagement, referral programs, Search engine optimization (SEO), conducting airdrop, and bounty programs, and taking part actively in discussions online crypto forums.
  • Mobile trading apps – We can provide easy-to-use Android and iOS mobile apps for efficient management of crypto assets of the investors. It can be used anywhere 24/7/365.

The direct benefits to the business by acquiring our Bitcoin Exchange Software

  • Advanced security precautions are taken to completely protect users’ funds and data. 
  • When compared to building from scratch, the customized Cryptocurrency trading script is highly affordable.
  • The solution ensures a high performance without any interruption for achieving the business goals of the firm successfully.
  • The trading software runs smoothly on any device and can also be integrated easily with cloud-based platforms.
  • The functionality of the trading platform can be enhanced by integrating third-party APIs and upgraded plugins.

The process to follow to launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • Determine whether the trading platform will operate locally or globally. It is best to function in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction that has favourable laws in place.
  • Comply with all the regulations and guidelines issued by the authorities. 
  • Join hands with an established bank or a popular payment gateway for efficient fund management.
  • Ensure adequate liquidity for your exchange by integrating with other existing crypto trading platforms in the market via APIs.
  • Implement top-notch security measures to provide a safe trading experience for the users. This will boost their confidence to invest their assets in your platform in the future.
  • Have a dedicated customer support team proficient in multiple languages to deal promptly with any kind of issues.
  • After adding all the features in the exchange, undertake extensive testing to remove any technical bugs.
  • Launch it at the most appropriate time in the market to get maximum business traction.

What is the total cost of developing the Bitcoin Exchange Software?

  • There is no fixed amount to pay for the Cryptocurrency trading script. 
  • It depends on factors like the business requirements, the complexity of the features, the extent of customization, the skill-levels of the team members, and the duration of development.
  • Separate expenses will be charged for adding new features, issuing software upgrades, and rendering technical support.

Why choose our high-quality services for creating the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • We have an experienced team of blockchain developers updated with the latest trends in the industry.
  • An agile development methodology is followed and changes can be made quickly in the processes to suit any new requirements.
  • Setting up the solution, deploying it on the blockchain server, and configuration of the trading software are done for free.
  • A scalable architecture is present to manage growth expectations efficiently.
  • Cutting-edge technological tools like MongoDB, jQuery, Laravel, Node.js, and AngularJS are used. 

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency trading will create new records in the future, as adoption is expected to grow rapidly with friendly regulations passed by authorities. Hence, the market conditions are highly optimistic to launch a Bitcoin exchange software and to take full advantage of this global phenomenon.

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