Hendi equipment for chefs: professional equipment to take your culinary experience to the next level

Hendi is where the passion for cooking meets quality and innovation. “Tools for Chefs from us to you” represents our commitment to providing chefs with cutting-edge equipment to realize their aspirations, ambitions, and culinary visions.

The history and tradition of Hendi equipment for chefs

Hendi equipment for chefs, with nearly a century of history, began its journey in the world of professional catering equipment in 1934 in the Netherlands. The name Hendi comes from Hendrik Diepeveen, the son of the founder, combining his initials to create a brand that today is recognized internationally.

Hendi’s international growth

Since then, Hendi has recorded steady growth, expanding internationally with offices in various countries, and consolidating commercial partnerships around the world. This positions us uniquely to serve the catering industry, from bars to hotels, offering high-quality and affordable solutions.

Why choose Hendi chef’s equipment?

There are lots of reasons to choose Hendi equipment for chefsBelow some of them.

Reliability and quality

Hendi is committed to providing reliable equipment, essential for every chef’s work and passion. Each product in our assortment is the result of inspiration drawn from different cuisines around the world, ensuring that we provide only the best to our customers.

A strong partner in catering

Hendi is present wherever needed in the world of gastronomy with a main goal: to become your trusted partner for long-term culinary success, offering practical solutions to optimize your business processes.

The Hendi family: a unique team

Hendi works in different departments and countries united us by a joint initiative. The Hendi family is the keystone of its success, a success that has lasted for over 85 years.

Commitment to quality and sustainability

Hendi’s people are committed people. The committment is to quality and sustainability.

Product quality

At Hendi, product quality is of paramount importance. All our products and production facilities meet stringent quality and hygiene requirements, ensuring high product quality and long-term customer satisfaction.

A positive impact on planet and society

Hendi goes beyond simply providing equipment. It’s committed to having a positive impact on our planet and society, investing in ecological initiatives, and supporting the local community.

Hendi’s offer: from kitchen to barbecue

We offer a wide range of products, from kitchen accessories, kitchen equipment, cooking tools, to solutions for bars, cafes, buffets, and much more.

Choose Hendi to excel in the kitchen

With Hendi, you have a reliable partner by your side, dedicated to supporting you in achieving culinary excellence. Choose Hendi equipment for chefs to take your culinary experience to the next level.

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