Helping Accident Victims On The Road

Blood spill cleanup service is a specialist in cleaning up blood and other related service. But what do you do if you witness a road accident. What are the steps to take at least before help arrives?

Here are some steps to take should you be the first to witness a road accident

Your safety remains number one priority. Make sure that all traffic has stopped. Ensure other road users and passersby are aware of the accident to avert another major catastrophe

Check to see if oncoming traffic does not pose any additional danger. If you discover fuel spillage or potential fire risk, try to see if you can turn of the car ignition. Put on vehicle hazard lights and use a warning triangle.

If you have other people around, ask them to call emergency services immediately. If there’s no one to help, assess the situation and attend to any life threatening situation first.

Note the number of vehicles involved in the accident. Check to see if the occupants of the vehicle are safe and no one has life threatening issues.

Accident victims shouting at the top of their voice are alive. That’s a good sign. Your priority now lies with checking with the quite ones.

If you find any quiet one, check their pulse. If no response, check if they are breathing. If they are unresponsive and breathing, place them in a position where they are leaning forward to aid breathing. Try as much as possible not to twist them. Talk calmly to the accident victims as they can hear you despite being unresponsive.

How do you resuscitate a victim who isn’t breathing? At this juncture, you may have to call emergency services if you haven’t done so before now.

Get an unconscious accident victim out of the vehicle if you sense an immediate danger to their life. Call the emergency service for advice on what you should do. Removing an injured accident victim can be dangerous. You may worsen the injuries sustained while trying to do that. Not only that, you can also sustain injury yourself.

Conscious casualties should be taken care of by bystanders, if there is any. They should be taken out of the vehicle to a safe area. Ask bystanders to talk to conscious bystanders so they remain calm. Be mindful of confused and dazed

victims as they may wander off into danger. Check their phone and contact any close relative or next of kin to inform them of the incident. Attend to major injuries first.

How bad is the accident? What are the possible injuries sustained by the victims? Remember, you can’t compare the body to a metal work. The body is softer. Any major damage to the body of the car is more likely to leave the casualties with internal injury.

Handle bleeding victims with so much care. Wear your protective hand gloves before attending to them. As always, try to stop the bleeding to save the life of the victim.

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