Good Hands Massage is based in Citrus Heights

Chronic illness risk can be reduced with massage therapy as well as pain, stress, and anxiety can be reduced. Ashiatsu and deep tissue massages are available. You can also receive Swedish treatments (which include foot reflexology) at Good Hands Massage, along with fresh bedding and Chinese tea.

Full Body Massage

We offer both Swedish and Ashiatsu massage techniques at our Citrus Heights Full Body Massage facility. The Swedish massage technique aims to alleviate muscle tension by utilizing Swedish techniques. As opposed to Swedish massage, Ashinatsu can help you relieve tight muscles and knots.

Deep Tissue Massage

When you suffer from strained or overused muscles, you may benefit from getting Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage. The release of blood vessels deep within the body leads to increased flexibility, which reduces stress and increases mobility. The use of this method may provide relief from pain associated with an injury or stressful event.

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

When receiving a Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology, one does not need to remove their clothing, unlike deep tissue massage. A foot massage or reflexology is not for everyone who does not have the time and/or want to relax. In addition to healing mental illness, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases, this cure promotes the body’s natural balance.

With Good Hands Massage you can combine different types of massages into combination massages. Upon arrival, comfortable towels and a warm welcome will be waiting. There will be bathrobes provided for you. Good Hands Massage appointments can be made on Auburn Boulevard, which is located in Citrus Heights.

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