Gambling for women

The year 2020 is a good time for a woman. Women’s right to vote is already more than a hundred years old, and we have progressed to a situation where women have the right to do everything that men do, both professionally and as a hobby. In Finland, a lot of work has been done both to legalize gambling and to legalize women’s gambling. Nowadays, women have full freedom to play, and it is not seen as crooked at all. More and more women are seen in casinos.

Women in Gambling

Women are different and therefore everyone has their own preferences regarding casinos and casino games. Women play slot games as well as table games and live games. We have a few female poker professionals, and in addition, women make money from video games, among other things. It cannot be said that women have a certain uniform preference.

It is true that traditionally online casinos have been largely aimed at men. It has been seen as an exudation of masculinity in the interior design of online casinos. In response to this, a certain group of casino owners set out to create casinos aimed at women. This led to pink casino pages and slots that exuded femininity and sensitivity. However, this did not lead to the desired result, at least in Finland, where every woman has the right to be herself.

Today’s casinos have changed themselves step by step to become more gender-neutral. Magic Mike and various soap opera slots have been swimming smoothly alongside Terminator and football slots. Everyone has the opportunity to choose a suitable slot game from the offer. The most important thing for a player, regardless of gender, is the visual look and user-friendliness of the casino and the game’s high-quality graphics and good repayment percentage.

What does the future hold?

The newest trend in casinos is to offer specialized online casinos like verdecasino, i.e. from old-time casinos that copied each other to a situation where each casino has its own target group and business plan. It is by no means a men vs. women confrontation, but casinos with different themes and operating principles can be found all over the place. From these, a woman can choose a casino that interests her, and skirt or pants users are not distinguished in any way.

The future will certainly bring change to live casinos, because, today, live dealers are almost always women. This has traditionally been thought of as part of men’s gaming experience, but there are many different sexual preferences, as well as genders, and live casinos must at some point give up their old-fashioned concept.

It will also be interesting to see if the top celebrities of the moment and, for example, exclusive handbag brands will at some point be transferred to the payrolls of online casinos. Typically, casino prizes are, for example, trips to football matches or a meeting with a formula driver, but surely at some point one of the specialized casinos will start using female role models and well-known brands in their advertising. The casino industry is really competitive, so all means are allowed in marketing.

Women are a huge and potential target group for casinos. We predict even more growth in women’s gaming. Casinos will certainly try to woo women in different ways, and there will certainly be excesses filled with pinks and barbs in the future. However, we believe that in the future, for example, more and more women will find their way to poker tables, because according to some studies, women’s poker face is particularly serious. There will certainly be more women at the blackjack tables and roulette as well, as these are high-paying and interesting poker games. Basically, women’s casino preferences don’t really differ much from men’s.

We are of the opinion that when we talk about casinos for women, the selection is just as wide as for men because women can and often want to play at the same casinos as men. This is because they are market leaders and the potential of the casino is definitely a bigger asset than its color or feminine selection of games. However, we are not against casinos aimed at women, because there are casinos in the world and in the end the best ones survive.

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