Don’t Hire A Digital Marketing Company That Doesn’t Have These 5 Qualities

It’s challenging at best to know which digital marketing agency is the best. How can you determine if one is better than another? The truth is, a great digital marketing company can do a lot for your business. 

Here Are 5 Of The Most Important Qualities That You’ll Find In A Digital Marketing Agency

1. Great Website

Good digital marketing agencies will have websites that are current and always up-to-date. If they’re using the most current SEO methods, you’ll find them readily on Google by simply searching for their core services in your local area. Websites should be modern and engage the audience. It should have key elements such as inbound marketing, active blogs, a responsive design, effective conversion rate, intuitive navigating, and of course, a great call to action. 

2. Powerhouse

Excellent digital marketing agencies comprise a team with diverse talents and have become experts in the field of digital marketing. Can you see their team online on their website? Each team member should have their own field of expertise. From field design to development they should utilize the latest SEO as well as content strategies. Don’t forget brand development and social media. They do have a great social media presence, don’t they? Are the owners of the site or the founders readily available should you have questions?

3. Tools

No job can be accomplished without tools. Having the proper tools at your disposal will go far to ensure that your website is expertly marketed. Your digital marketing team should be experts and have the best possible tools at their disposal. From SEO to Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Moz). Inbound marketing is vital to your site and you’ll want to make sure to use social media and analytics to ensure that they’re working. Help like Constant Contact is vital to the integrity of your site. You’ll want Salesforce and Marketo as well. All agencies should be very comfortable talking about and using such tools. They should know when to rely on them and when they can ignore them. You’ll also want them to understand that it’s okay to think outside of the box. 

4. Experience

How does the company talk to the customers? Do they speak so that you can understand what they’re saying? Do they readily answer your questions and meet your needs? Have you checked out their portfolio? Do they have clients both big and small? Do they understand your specific needs? Can they help to solve your issues? Do they give you expert advice? Have they done the homework on your company so that they can meet or exceed your expectations? 

5. Culture

It’s important that your digital marketing agency be willing to work closely with you for many years to come. If all goes according to plan, you’ll want to keep them for a very long time. Do they share similar interests to your business or your website? Have you met them in person? Do they look like they enjoy their jobs? It’s important that you all work well together and have fun while you’re doing it. You can tell when someone loves their job, it will show through their work and they’ll enjoy working. 

While it may seem like a challenge to choose a great digital marketing team, it can also be an enjoyable time. Take your time, do your homework. Ask your friends and other business peers who they use. Find the one that you feel the most comfortable with and you’ll go far.

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