Details of Georgia Contractor Continuing Education and its Relevance

To renew your light commercial contractor license in Georgia, you are required to undergo 6 hours of training. The approved continuing education courses are reviewed every year to ensure they meet market demands. After undergoing the course, you are required to take the Georgia Contractor Exam Prep and get a contract.

Hence, you need to enroll in a well-equipped institution for you 6 hours of training. We have a history of offering the training and exam. As a result, you can trust us in getting value for your time and resources.

Course Details

Here is what to expect when you enroll in the course.

  • Introduction to the international building code course
  • Amendment to the international building code in the State of Georgia
  • Disaster resilient construction highlights 2020 edition and international building code appendix Georgia State
  • Insight into chapter 34 of the existing buildings and structures code
  • Training on the identification of ways to keep employees motivated
  • Highlighting ways of invoicing and managing contracts
  • Ways of estimating the cost of construction
  • Ways of mitigating and identifying the risks of a project

Course Veracity

We have tailor-made a course that places you ahead of your competitors. We equip you with skills that will earn you more clients as you will become a better contractor to engage. To meet this, we have hired some of the best authors with recognized published books and training manuals. Besides, the author has extensive experience and knowledge in the construction field.

Online Custom Software To Meet Your Credential Needs

We have developed customized software that helps all users. Since we do not use outsourced software, we assure all contractors of a 24/7 service. Thus, you can always log in and earn your hours at any time of the day.

Why narration of continuing education courses might be the right choice

In developing the training manuals, we did not take a shortcut and create a cheap guide. We have developed quality content that meets the industry demands of the regulations of the state of Georgia.

Besides, if you desire to have a break between the training sessions, bookmark your content, and next time you log in you will be directed to the exact location.

Tools to aid in the license renewal process

When you get to the final phase of license renewal, you will be armed with several management tools. Here contractors can select to be notified and you will get a prompt when your credentials expire. Synch your details with our system and we get you notified.

The process of renewing a license is not considered complete until all documents are processed. Hence a contractor should confirm from the official website of the state of Georgia if the license renewal process is approved. If the process is permitted, a renewal date is displayed on the website.

However, the board no longer sends emails or prints and all Georgia Contractor Continuing Education contractors are required to collect hard copies from their offices. Nonetheless one may download the license from the official website when the process is complete.

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