Details information of Autel IM608PRO Full Set

Details information of Autel IM608PRO Full Set

Autel IM608Pro IM608 PRO Full Key Programmer Set IMMO Diagnostic tools Active Test PK IM608S IM508S

Auto Keys & Fobs with Autel Programmer

Car key programming procedure needs to be done in the right way. Failing to do so might result in compromised sE.CUrity, broken module, disabled vehicle, and very expensive repairs. However, if you can use Autel IM608IM programming tool to operate key programming, you won’t bother by these troubles.

Autel IM608 PRO diagnostic scan tool is based on Android OS and is equipped with XP400 PRO key programmer to perform Read/Write data of 3,000+ chip types, including:

✔️ EEFROM Read/Write (for 440+ component types)

✔️ MCU Read/Write (for 2000+ component types)

✔️ Engine Read/Write (for 100+ component types)

✔️ Immobilizer Read/Write (for 180+ component types)

✔️ Benz Infrared Key Read/Write

✔️ Hyundai & KIA IC Chip Keys Read/Write

✔️Remote Frequency Detection

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