Crescent Canna Brings You the Strongest CBD Drops in the World

New Orleans-based Crescent Canna is the leading cannabis company in the Gulf South, setting the standard for safety, quality, and innovation as it creates the most affordable and potent CBD products on the market. The company’s 9,000 mg Max Strength CBD Drops are the strongest and most cost-effective CBD oil in the world.

“It took a year of research and development to create a product with such a high concentration of cannabidiol,” says Rob Lind, Crescent Canna’s director of manufacturing.

Crescent Canna’s 9,000 mg CBD oil is made from all-natural, vegan ingredients and pure CBD that is extracted from organic, US-grown hemp. Unlike other high-strength products, this CBD tincture has a delightful taste unmarred by bitterness.

“Pure CBD is very bitter,” Lind notes. “We had to strike a difficult balance, maintaining consistency and flavor even as we added an unprecedented amount of CBD isolate. There’s a reason other companies haven’t been able to do this.”

The company’s Max-Strength tincture is the most cost-effective CBD product on the market, with a price of 2.5 cents per milligram of CBD. But affordability is just one benefit of high-potency CBD oil. It also gives you better, longer-lasting results, letting you consume less while feeling more.

“Many CBD products don’t contain enough CBD to have much of an impact, including many premium-priced products,” says David Reich, chief marketing officer of Crescent Canna. “Our CBD Drops ensure customers who want a strong dose can get it at an affordable price.” 

Crescent Canna also offers some of the strongest and most cost-effective CBD topicals on the market, and recently introduced a new line of cannabis gummies. Crescent Canna products are full-panel lab-tested and registered with the Louisiana Department of Health.

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