Complete insights to launch a Uber for Home Services App

Hello there! The penetration of on-demand services has totally flipped the way we access services. Visiting stores in-person is becoming obsolete with the invasion of delivery services. The ride-hailing service set the base for on-demand services and several other services started tailing. Availing beauty services, massage services at our homes were beyond imagination. But with technology, everything comes alive.

This blog is all about on-demand home services. Since there is a huge need for on-demand home services, it is one of the best decisions to develop an app like Uber and offer home services. Let us kick-in!

Statistics that reveal the demand for home services

The global on-demand home services will spike up to 1574.86 billion USD during the year 2020-2024.

Taking the U.S. market, the on-demand home services accounts for 600 billion USD. This growth rate is predicted to increase by 49% in the year 2021.

Out of the existing home services, cleaning, repairing, electrician, and plumbing services are mostly preferred by people in the U.S. Therefore, it is necessary to know the services preferred by users in the specific geographic area, and offer the same.

Around 46% of people schedule the home services as per their availability.

An ideal approach to roll out any business is to know the users’ preferences and the demand for your services. Here, statistics clearly showcase the need to develop an app that offers home services to users.

Possible homes services you can offer to users

Cleaning and repairing

In our busy lives, we rarely find time to sit and organize our things and clean them. What if there is a paid service through which one can avail of the cleaning services? To your surprise, the cleaning and repairing services are one of the most-availed home services. Repairing services include electrical, carpentry, and plumbing works.

Packing and moving

The packers and movers services are one of the ideal services. Packing and moving things are tedious and people really need some assistance. Through on-demand home services. people can book the services, or schedule the services, and get them availed.

Home tuitions

Home tuition services are again one of the most demanded services. Generally, parents look for home tutors through personal networks. But the on-demand home tuition services have their own set of advantages. The app will list a number of tutors along with their experience, subject specialization, and reviews. Parents can book tutors based on the above criteria.

Event organization

Nowadays, people reach out to event organizers for setting up events. Be it any type of event or size of the event, people look out for third-party event organizers. Hence, you can consider offering event organizing services.

Healthcare and wellness

Nowadays, people are more conscious of their health. To follow a healthy lifestyle they seek assistance from physiotherapists, dieticians, nutrition, etc., Through on-demand services, users can invite them to their homes and get consultations.


Not everyone is aware of the babysitting services that can be availed online. Yes, users can book babysitters through the app to look after their kids. This service will be of great help to new moms, and working moms who find it difficult to take care of their kids.

Some of the business strategies to take into account

While planning out your business, you should analyze some key things that will be the influencers of your business. Here are some of the influencers to consider before rolling out your business.

Know your audience

The ultimate goal of your business is users. Without knowing your potential audience and their preferences, your business doesn’t hold any value. So, how to analyze the target audience and what they are looking for? The best way is to reach out to your target audience with a questionnaire or conduct a survey. Through their answers, you will get to know what they expect from your solution and how it will benefit them.

Choose the niche

Introducing a business amid a competitive market is challenging. Choosing a niche will help you to survive in the competitive marketplace. Also, as a newbie, you can consider choosing a niche that has low competition so that your solution will be predominant.

App development

While you are all set with your idea the next crucial step is app development. Choosing the right app developer is another pivotal step in your business planning. The developer you hire must be flexible enough to implement your requirements. Give utmost priority to the user interface of your app that will decide the user base. Yes, an app with a simple and easy-to-understand user interface will appeal to users. Hence, make sure the user interface never misses a chance to captivate users.

Let us now hover on the features needed to offer seamless on-demand home services. The below list of features is present in the Uber for home services app. Looking at the benefits of these features you will definitely stick with the app for your business.

List of features present in the on-demand home services app

Quick search

As mentioned above, the user interface of the app is most important. Users should be able to search for their desired home services easily and quickly. You can also suggest services to users based on their previous preferences.

Track service providers

Tracking is one of the critical features of the app. After booking the service, users can track the service providers and know their current location.

Cost calculator

One of the advanced features of the app is the cost calculator that will inform users about the cost of the service. The cost will be calculated and displayed to users once they select a service. Based on whether the service is affordable or not, users can confirm the service.

Track arrival timing

The app allows users to know the time at which the service provider may reach their location.


Wrapping up, I am sure that you are impressed with the idea of launching the Uber for home services app. With the spiking demand for home services, this is the exact time to deploy your app and offer services. There are ready-made app solutions like Gojek clone which offers multiple services in one app, you can try that.

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