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Call centre employment has a horrible reputation for being soul-crushing, stressful, and downright miserable.

That may be the case for some, but if you’re a savvy call centre agent, you can also maximise your efforts and come out on top each day.

Thankfully, the Internet exists for those of us who don’t already know how to maintain a cheerful and effective mindset while working as a call centre agent.

The contact centre is a topic that has received a lot of threads on Reddit.

Veteran call centre software workers provide their best advice and shortcuts for working in a contact centre in these clever forums.

It is a veritable gold mine of wise counsel, encouraging words of encouragement, and general call centre hacks that have enabled people to love — or at the very least, endure — working in the contact centre.

We’ve gathered 30 of the best life-hacks for contact centres from these Reddit posts to help you succeed in this line of work—and avoid being confined to a chair:The mute button is a useful tool for venting (particularly cathartic during tense calls). Don’t trust call centre software, says this advice for contact centre representatives. Just remember that the mute button may be your worst enemy when it malfunctions and your best buddy when it does.

NEVER indicate to a consumer that you’re new or mention it in any way. The client may use it against you later in the call because it lowers their trust in you.
While you are going, take notes. A notepad is typically available on work computers. Open it up and briefly note the actions you perform as you assist the customer. You may simply copy and paste your completed notes into your call log when it’s time to end the call because you already have them prepared.
Be gentle with yourself; experience is the finest teacher. Analyse the difficult calls, and make notes in case the problem arises again.Don’t be scared to ask your coworkers for assistance either. When you’re not on a call of your own, pay attention to others’ calls and take note of any approaches you find appealing or effective.

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