Best 10 New Recruiting Trends You Should Implement in 2021

The previous year and the pandemic that it brought about changed the face of the whole world as we knew it. Therefore, even the scenario of recruitment for jobs has seen an alteration, bringing about new trends. The recruiters have to keep up with these trends in order to recruit manpower in an efficient manner. There was a problem with the recruitment for companies due to the pandemic as these organizations could not cope up with it financially and were forced to stop the recruitment process altogether. However, with the new year commencing, things have picked up again and below are 10 new trends to implement in 2021. For the businesses who want to recruit for their organization find out here, they can look up agencies like ‘Manpower recruitment agencies Abu Dhabi’ according to their location and requirements.

1.      Engage and interact with the recruiters:

The environment for the recruiters has changed immensely from the past years when the recruiters had no medium through which they could connect with the candidates. The present times as such have the appropriate and required technologies that the recruiters can have a one on one contact and interaction with the candidates which help them understand these candidates better and learn more about their expectations from the jobs.

2.      Accommodate the requirements of the candidates as well:

The potential candidates base their choices of approaching recruitment agencies on the experiences of previous candidates. When they search for ‘Manpower recruitment agencies Abu Dhabi’, a list of these agencies might pop up for the search. However, the candidates will go for the recruitment agency that prioritizes their experiences and requirements too. The candidates should carry a positive image of the recruiters in their minds. This improves the process of recruitment for the agencies too.

3.      Build a connect with the potential, present and previous candidates:

It is important for the recruitment agencies to build a relationship with all their candidates because the recruitment or hiring process in the present day and time is majorly dependent on the candidates for success. Therefore the strategy that the Human Resource and Recruiters stick to is Candidate Relationship Management for the candidates they hae worked with previously, the ones they are working with presently and the potential candidates. These are the three categories for the management of the relationship with candidates. When these candidates are treated like customers by the recruiters, the hiring process is largely successful.

4.      Usage of the social media networking sites in the recruitment process:

One of the best methods to implement in the process of candidate recruitment is to use the social media sites as a medium to attract the candidates, engage them and assist them in getting recruited during the process. This is profitable and beneficial for the recruitment agencies because a majority of the candidates that the agencies are trying to bring in are online and active users of the social media networking sites. This is because the sites are easy accessible to these potential and existing candidates. The social media sites provide the opportunity to interact with candidates on a personal level. The candidates when they search for ‘Manpower recruitment agencies Abu Dhabi’.

5.      Employment of Artificial Intelligence in the hiring process:

The advent of artificial intelligence in the technological sphere has opened up new possibilities for better results and lesser efforts for the recruitment agencies. The output provided by the artificial intelligence technologies have been positive so far and can be better in the future if used for the advantage of the agencies. The artificial agencies however, cannot replace the manual workers, and can only improve the roles of these recruiters.

6.      Maintaining your own personnel of talents for recruitment:

The recruitment agencies should always have a talent pool which constitutes the top candidates according to them and use them for the recruitment process. This talent pool is their go to for sending in the candidates to the large scale organizations. In the current scenario too, this is a successful method because the agencies can afford to send in these candidates for remote hiring done by organizations. Both internal and external talent pools help in cutting down costs and send talent that the agencies are familiar with. For the candidate to get in the talent pool, they will have to look up agencies by searching them. For example, they can Google ‘Manpower recruitment agencies Abu Dhabi’ and go for an agency.

7.      Ensure that the candidates inculcate people skills too:

It is important that the candidates who are being sent in for the process of recruitment by the recruitment agencies have the required professional as well as soft skills. This will help them to develop a team spirit and help them to adjust in a new environment that increases productivity. The professional skills may help the candidates get hired but their people skills will help them stay.

8.      Analytics and Statistics help in achieving better success rates:

Any business in the present world, including the recruitment agencies use tools to analyze different forms of data to find out which strategy works better than the other and improve their techniques dependent on these statistics. The technology available helps the recruitment agencies in the process of hiring and developing talent pools by bringing in candidates. This method has evidently led to a drop in the expenses of the agencies, raising the quality of the candidates and conserving time in the hiring process too.

9.      Rely on the automated process to assist in the recruitment:

The recruitment agencies are gradually trying to automate the process of acquiring talents for the hiring process. The Manpower recruitment agencies Abu Dhabi and other locations have been relying on automation more and more to replace their manual efforts so that there is an increase in efficiency and decrease in the time taken for the process. The automated technology has regularly assisted in interacting, attracting and increasing engagement with the candidates. The candidates too are more likely to go for agencies that have incorporated automation for efficiency reasons.

10.  Develop a brand to attract more candidates:

The recruitment agencies today are faced with cut throat competition in the field of candidate recruitment. To survive and excel in this atmosphere, the agencies need to build and develop an employer branding strategy to establish their legitimacy and supremacy among the competition so that the candidates choose them above the other agencies. When the candidates are looking for jobs, they rely heavily on the brand image and reputation that the employer brands have. The employer brand is what dictates the choice of a candidate to join you or not.

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