A Newbie’s Guide To App Promotion: How To Get More Users?

You are now ready to submit your app to the Play Store or App Store. Now that you have come out of the long haul of development exercises, you are satisfied and content by just coming to this concluding act. 

But wait a minute. Building the app and publishing the same in the app market is far from a concluding act. In the app business, it is just the beginning of your app’s success story. Now you need to market and promote the app. 

But are you wondering what can be the most effective and must-have ways to promote an app? Well, here we would like to explain some of these fruitful ways for app marketing and promotion. 

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) can be regarded to be the SEO exercise of the app world. Since the app market is too competitive with too many apps competing for visibility and traction in every app category and niche, ASO is a must for getting featured by the app stores or getting potential traffic across keywords or search terms. 

To accomplish a great ASO for your app project, it is essential to give attention to the following aspects. 

  • The App name: The app name must be unique, easy to connect with the audience and easily searchable. 
  • Keywords: Include the most relevant keywords related to the niche in the app title and description without doing ‘keyword stuffing’. 
  • Description: Provide a short, precise, and well-articulated description that clearly states the app’s value and remains updated with all app’s value additions and changes. 
  • Screenshots/video: Provide at least 4-5 screenshots of the app features or key functions or provide a short video describing the app’s key value proposition. 
  • Ratings: Make sure your app gets positive user ratings over time that can further motivate users to install the app. 

A Website as an information hub

There are different ways a website can help your app receive fresh downloads. First of all, it can make your app visible to potential users who search Google for app choices. Indian app developers catering to small businesses with a web footprint can find web promotion very effective to extend user search in the app store.

On the other hand, an app business can have great exposure to content creators, bloggers, and journalists with a website. You can make information about the app instantly available to the media and influential people through a website. The website can help everyone discover your app, and this traction transports to app store footfall and downloads. 

Social Media Outreach 

Social media outreach is the most effective means of app promotion. This social connection with the audience can be of two different types, paid and organic. Let’s explain them briefly below. 

  • Organic app promotion across social media channels is just about creating a Facebook page, creating Twitter and Instagram profiles, and then posting and engaging with the audience regularly. 
  • Paid or sponsored posts and social media ads are also very effective to promote the app and drive engagement and are mostly measured through click-through rates (CTRs) of the ads. In recent years CTR for ads increased tremendously, giving a clear signal of the positive impact for app promotion. 

Influencer Marketing 

App marketing is also about going beyond your usual industry field or circle of influence. While you can always start by peer marketing to reach out to your first circle of the user audience, it is important to connect with major industry influencers.  

Influencers who happen to possess the power to impact many people’s buying and choices are sought after by the marketers of every industry. Apps should take extra care to create content that is particularly useful for the influencers to connect with the app and its potential users. It is advisable to find and engage influencers who can understand the value of a business brand.

The potential user audience is likely to get influenced by the influencer easily. So you need to engage the right influencer who enjoys more influence on your target audience group. On the other hand, you need to be careful about making a fake impression on your business through influencers. Instead, get genuine patronage to help your app gain through a continuous and stronger following.

Create a Demo Video

Video content offers an easy and highly effective way to boast of the value propositions your ambitious app will offer. As a first step for creating a demo video for the app, roll out a short and simple commercial answering three key questions: Why, How, and What.

It is advisable to have a dedicated team create the promotional video with everything sewn together perfectly. Besides the benefit of completing the project quicker, the engagement of several minds will ensure reduced errors and more creative inputs. Make sure the demo video is frequently updated whenever any change with the app function or content occurs. 

After you have created the demo video of your app, now make use of the video content to promote your app across multiple social channels. Include the demo video in your social media pages and profiles, YouTube channels, websites and blog posts.  


So far, all the promotional methods that we described have been tried and tested successfully by a whole array of leading apps across all niches. You can stretch every method further and make promotions sharper and better. For instance, you can have a micro-influencer strategy or a more rigorous content marketing strategy as part of your promotional plan. 

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