A Brief History of Dab Pen

Today, dabbing is a common practice among cannabis enthusiasts. Dabbing and vaping are similar in most aspects. When we dig into history, their history is the same. The differences have come with advancements in technology.

Dabs are mainly made from a plant called cannabis. Cannabis has existed for centuries, and it was used for medical, recreational, and industrial purposes. When it came to medical and recreational uses, smoking was the primary form of consumption.

The urge to learn more about the herb triggered individuals to try new ways of consuming it. In the process of testing new methods, back in Egypt, Herodotus wrote about vaping. Remember dabbing began as vaping; this is why we go back to vaping history.

Around the 5th century, Herodotus wrote about this new technique of heating hemp seeds using a red stone. After heating the seeds, they began to produce vapor. This resulting vapor is what people were inhaling.

The technique was later introduced in Southeast Asia before spreading to all parts of Asia. It all began with hookah, which was used extensively across the continent. Within a short period, the technique had replaced smoking by a good percentage.

It took a lot of time before the technique was introduced in America and Europe. It was until the 20th century when the method was fully introduced in America and Europe. This where modern dabbing or vaping starts. No one had succeeded in making an ideal device to be used for vaping or dabbing until then.

During this century, Joseph Robinson invented the Butane Ignition vaporizer. This is the first-ever e-cigarette before Herbert Gilbert came up with a modern-day vaporizer. Researchers and scientists did not stop there, and there is no sign of stopping any soon.

How Dabs Became Popular

What made people shift from other forms of cannabis consumption to dabbing when looking at history? Fun enough, cannabis was not popular like Nicotine. Even after the introduction of vaping, nicotine was the most prevalent substance. Cannabis is gaining popularity because of the medical benefits being discovered.

Nicotine is consumable in different ways like smoking, chewing, and injection. Tobacco is the primary nicotine source, and the easiest way to consume tobacco is through smoking. 

Smoking from the beginning was known to cause health issues, and there was a need to develop other ways. Given that marijuana was now in the picture and consumed through smoking like nicotine, researchers had to hurry to get alternative methods.

With advancements in technology, most companies like Dr. Dabber took the idea of e-cigarettes and modified it. After some time, here we are now having dab pens and other best portable vaporizers. 

Development of Dab Pens

The moment people started loving dabbing, that was the turning point of dab pens. Companies began developing more of them and trying to improve every single day. Nicotine is very addictive, and most individuals started to work their way out. With cannabis available, having medical benefits, smokers began using cannabis instead of nicotine. 

It is not easy to quit nicotine at once because of severe withdrawal symptoms.

Development of best dab pens continued until what we have today in the market. When looking at the dab pens available, you will wonder whether there is room for improvement. Is there room for improvement?

What Next for Dab Pens?

Today, the big question is whether dab pens will remain in the market or there will be a replacement after some time. There is no exact answer for this, but history will help us predict what is likely to come. One fact remains that we are not at the peak yet.

Looking back at how dab pens started from general vaping, we realize that more advanced dab pens are on the way. Another reason is the number of companies making dab pens. Most of these companies are working very hard to be on top of the market. 

For a company to be on top, it has to move with technology. This is why it is projected that more advanced dab pens are on the way. In fact, we have new dab pens on the market every other time.

As to whether they will stay or get replaced, the answer depends on what technology will provide. To say that dab pens will remain forever and never be replaced is a lie. As of now, they are the best healthwise, and side effects have not been recorded yet. We have to wait and see what technology holds for us.

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