8 Surprise Birthday Party Plans To Not Get Caught

Do your birthday parties begin with the happy birthday song and end with the ‘have the happiest year of your life? Well, not anymore because in the next five minutes you will have on your plate right amazing birthday party ideas that will rock your world. Picking you up from your reserved chair in the mundane party and sitting in the bean bag at the surprise party, we can’t hold our stomach so let’s begin. 

Apart from the irreplaceable custom to order cake online nothing will be even close to a regular birthday party. Now, the ideas that you will get will help you throw the most amazing and surprising party for your friend in a tankful effort but all worth it. 

For your old school friend, and your newbie college friend, the girl you like so much, or your longtime boyfriend, these ideas sit fit for all these lovely people in your life that you love so much and are willing to do anything for. Without further ado let’s take you to the world of surprise parties for which all you need is some saved pocket money, bookings, invitations, and a plan to lure the birthday guy in the party. Let’s begin. 

  • Midnight doorbell

Ring the bell of his or her house at midnight when they are busy returning calls of their friends and wondering why you haven’t called yet. Please know if the idea would be encouraged by your friend’s family or not or better yet take them in the loop and inform them beforehand. Greet your friend with a cake, some flowers, party pops and a present.

  • Rooftop party

Don’t let your friend know and behind his back organize a rooftop party at his or your terrace. Lay a bonfire, bring some food, decorate the scenario, and keep it all a secret. Now with a trustworthy friend call him up for a regular cake cutting and instead surprise him with a full-on bash with all the people he loves. 

  • Poolside party

Woohoo, these are the most amazing, and thinking of the birthday boys the first dive makes us shiver already. Book a place, get some drinks and food, and let everyone go mad near the water. Keep extra precautions for safety. You may also select a place that has some adventure activities to do like zip-lining, wall climbing, and others. 

  • A trip

Take the guy out for a surprise trip. Don’t tell them the destination, just ask them to pack their bag with all the clothes they will need. Do the bookings of hotels and other places and book a car for a road trip. And remember to take along with you the present you will give to them at midnight stroke just when you all sing a happy birthday. 

  • A night out

Get them out for an unknown night out. There could be nothing more simple than this but still very relevant and close to heart. The craziest memories are made on such night outs where you have all the drunk dial and vomit stories. Have food, eat ice cream, and when you feel tired book a place and stay the night. 

  • A night in

If you are one of those who like to be with the few close ones on their birthday and have cozy parties, have a night over. Don’t let your friend know but arrange for a full-on sleepover with food, jammies, and Netflix. And invite the birthday boy or girl for a drink and surprise them with the plan of the stay.

  • No party fake out

This is probably the scariest one where there’s a good chance that you initially hurt your friend, but it is also the best once when push comes to shove and you have to reveal the truth. Tell the birthday guy you guys can’t be there for a party and instead throw him one and invite him to his birthday party. 

  • Invitation to the bash

Invite your friend to a party last minute, where you can invite everyone from their childhood friends to school friends, old college mates, and ex-partners along with the new crush of the time. Do tell them to dress and groom nicely though, they wouldn’t want to spoil their impression in front of all their admirers.  

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