7 Vegetarian Protein Powerhouses You Should Be Eating Daily

Wondering how to meet your daily protein requirement by eating only plant-based foods? These 7 staple protein powerhouses will help ensure you get ample amounts to stay healthy:

Tofu – With about 10 grams of protein per 4-ounce serving, tofu is the ultimate vegetarian protein source. Its mild flavor makes it extremely versatile – scramble it for breakfast, bake it into desserts, or sauté it with vegetables.

Lentils – Available in several varieties, protein-packed lentils will quickly become a vegetarian kitchen staple at 9 grams per cooked half cup. Fold them into soups, salads, casseroles, pastas and more for a beneficial boost.

Chickpeas – These nutty legumes supply about 7 grams protein per half cup cooked serving. Blend them into hummus, add them to grain bowls, mix them into salads or enjoy them roasted as a crispy snack.

Greek Yogurt – Going dairy-free? Try coconut or soy yogurt. Otherwise, indulge in high protein Greek yogurt with roughly 13 grams protein per 6 ounce container. Top it with fruit, nuts and seeds.

Edamame – You can enjoy these bright green soybean pods steamed as an appetizer, added to stir fries, made into salads and more. A half-cup supplies a whopping 14 grams protein.

Nut Butter – Rich, creamy nut butter is more than just delicious. It provides 7-8 grams protein per 2 tablespoon serving! Spread it on sandwiches, sliced apples, bananas, oatmeal and more for easy protein at any meal or snack.

Quinoa – This gluten-free super-grain cooks up light and fluffy and packs roughly 8 grams protein per cooked cup. Quinoa makes the perfect base for veggie-heavy Buddha bowls while providing ample nutrition.

When choosing meat-free protein sources, go for minimally processed options without too many added ingredients whenever possible. Mix up your selections regularly to ensure you take in varying amino acid profiles as well. With mindful eating, vegetarians can take in more than enough high quality protein each day.

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