5 Tips for increasing brand awareness with social media marketing

Integrated inbound marketing strategies include social media marketing. For example, you can use it to promote your content and increase brand awareness, as well as to give your business an online voice.

As a result, 89 percent of B2B marketers rely on social media platforms to distribute content organically, narrowly beating both email and blogging as a preferred distribution channel. Since 53.6 percent of the world’s population is on social media, it should be easy to reach your audience, right? WRONG.

B2B marketing is more difficult. When it comes to effective business-to-business marketing on Facebook and Twitter, it takes more than just posting content regularly.

To resonate with your target audience and build brand awareness, you need a strategy that’s packed with unique content and tailored for each platform. There are twelve strategies that businesses of all sizes can use to increase their brand awareness, and we’ve listed them below. The following tips can be used in any combination, from tweaking your profile to experimenting with your content.

What is brand awareness?

Consider how well potential customers recognize and correctly associate a brand with its specific product or service. For a small business, brand awareness may not reach eponym status (e.g. asking for Kleenex instead of tissue), but success is measured in simpler forms. With the Help of a Digital Marketing Agency, you can improve your brand awareness by using social media campaigns. An Ecommerce Marketing Agency is the best example of Social media marketing brand awareness. 

Get to know your target audience

Targeting the right audience is the key to succeeding with social media marketing. So, start by defining your audience.

Your ideal audience consists of people who need your product most. Knowing who these people are will make it easier for you to connect with them on social media and interact with them effectively.

Do your research

After knowing your target audience, you need to do research. First, find out which social media platforms used your target audience more often. The type of product you sell is also a good way to describe this.

If you sell a course, for example, you will find the majority of your audience on LinkedIn. If you are a brand cosmetics, Instagram will be a good place to start your brand awareness.

Next, you want to know what time they are usually online. To determine this, pay attention to what time it day, your post receives the most involvement. Third-party tools such as Sprout Social can give you the analytics you need to get this information. With this, you will know when to post your content and get maximum involvement.

Also, find out topics related to the industry of each platform search. This information will be useful when you start developing content for your social media.

Create interesting content

If the content you post is not interesting enough, your target audience will be happy to scroll through them. You don’t want it, right?

There may be many other brands on social media that do the same thing as you do. The most definite way to stand out is to post interesting content that will attract your audience’s attention.

Develop sound and unique personality

On social media, you interact with humans. So, talk like that. Let your personality come out freely and develop the tone and sound of your posts to reflect it. People are far more likely to be involved when the conversation feels casual. Plus, if you are charismatic, your personality will help you get followers.

Use different tones on different platforms

On Twitter, you can be much more fun than on LinkedIn. Facebook also requires a different tone. Certain types of people use different social media channels, and for different reasons. LinkedIn, for example, becomes a professional social media site, more serious. On the other hand, you can let your humor out more on other platforms.

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