365TradingFX Review 2021 – Is this broker reliable? (www.365tradingfx.com)

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Online trading platforms have become more user-friendly than ever, but they have a major drawback. With so many options to trade, you can easily fall prey to scam servers. As traders, our assets and ventures concern us and we can only trust them to dependable representatives. 365tradingfx is a CFD broker that claims to be the most dependable representative in the trading business. But is this broker as reliable as it claims? Is it worth the risk to invest in this broker for your venture? Are these dealers trustworthy? 

Well, you don’t need to worry because I am here to test these brokers for you and answer your questions based upon our experience with this agent. 

365tradingfx has built a huge customer base and has also won many awards ever since it stepped into the market. At first look, the online trading platform gave me decent impression. Their execution, assets, and administration of the platform are notable too. 

Does 365tradingfx have security regulations?

I learned it the hard way but inculcate this in your mind, always be extremely vigilant about the security regulations of a trading platform before you sign up on it. The security regulation is basically verifying that the broker is following legal means and has a permit to be a legitimate dealer. After inspection, I felt safe enough to proceed further. 

Trading choices available on 365tradingfx

Cryptocurrency, indices, stocks, forex, and commodities are all accessible on 365tradingfx. 

365tradingfx Online Trading Platform 

The aspect that appealed to me was that I could trade directly from my browser instead of downloading any software. The website is available in English and gives a decent overview but there are no other dialects which I find to be unsatisfactory. However, I could trade with minimum spreads and had access to over 200 trading instruments. Its easy-to-use interface and straightforwardness fascinated me the most.  

It’s a great platform for beginners since it’s user-friendly, has great indicators, and dealing with capital is rapid and without any inconvenience. 

You can find the charts and current market at the focal point of its interface. I could easily analysed the charts by zooming them to full screen.  On the left side of the screen, I could locate tradable assets and the account balance. I was also able to explore few tradable assets using the search option too. 

In my opinion, the 365tradingfx utilized its years of experience with clients and immensely improved their charting through it. Moreover, they offer vast data on each asset along with news, and indicators which are beneficial in making your trading experience smooth and easy. 

365tradingfx Benefits

  • Rapid market selection
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Transparent position management.
  • Easy access to the latest news, signal, and market data. 
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders
  • Safe and secure
  • Professional and improved charting
  • Excellent indicators 
  • Flexible trading options available 
  • User-friendly, simple yet professional online trading platform. 

Effective charting and analysis 

Their effective charting enabled me to efficiently read and comprehend the progress of my selected assets while keeping me up-to-date on the market prices. They offer broad charting for each asset and I can view charts in full-screen mode too. Moreover, they had excellent free indicators along with drawing tools. Generally, efficient chart analysis is the most important instrument for successful trading. 

The simple layout for charting employed by 365tradingfx makes it stand among other trading platforms. All tools and indicators provided by the platform are easy-to-access and can be autonomously adjusted according to the trading technique. This has helped me immensely while trading. 

How to trade on 365tradingfx?

If you want to be successful in the trading business, then it is extremely necessary for you to understand how to trade and how trading operates. Know that this not a gamble. While trading you cannot simply cross your fingers and rely on divine power hoping that this will be your lucky day. You need to learn how to execute trade before going live. You need to get knowledge of the competitive and volatile market. Good for you 365tradingfx had a basic account type that is easy to operate and perfect to learn. Prior to opening any position, you can customize your settings as per your preference. 

The first step is to select a market you want to trade on. Next, pick the security deposit or trading amount. The multiplier is customizable and optional. Now you should check for any possible trading charges. Then secure the situation with a stop loss and take benefit. The commission charged will always appear to the trader before every trade.

Step-by-step guidelines

  1. Choose market for trading
  2. Set trading amount
  3. Multiplier is customizable and optional 
  4. Check trading expenses
  5. Select stop loss and take benefit
  6. Invest in rising and falling prices

Instructions to sign up 

Making an account on 365tradingfx is effortless and quick. All I had to provide was my email address and set a password to access the account. After signing up, I received a verification email. Once I confirmed my account, I was able to choose my account type and then utilize the services provided by the platform. 

When I registered my account, I chose the basic account and used a minimum base deposit to test the waters. I will emphasize on completely registering first and confirming your account before trading genuine cash. Because you might face issues later on with verification. Hence for security’s sake first confirm your account. 

Deposit and Withdrawal 

The deposit and withdrawal processes are as easy as opening the account itself. To test their services, I used various methods to deposit payment and three different techniques for withdrawal. The handling of payment by brokers was swift. The base deposit did not have any additional charges attached to it either. 

All payment techniques processed my assets immediately and the deposit was free. However, the time taken depends upon the method utilized, and at most, it takes less than three days with 365tradingfx. A drawback in my opinion is that Paypal is not available as a payment method. 

Available payment methods 

MasterCard, Bank Transfer and Maestro. I observed that unfortunately the platform does not offer PayPal which would have been my first choice but then I utilised their Bank Transfer and MasterCard option and I was surprised to see hot efficient these services were. Now I don’t even feel like I ever needed PayPal.


365tradingfx is one of the inexpensive trading platforms available and they have no hidden charges either. They are very transparent concerning the expenses of their clients. This attribute impressed me a lot. Moreover, they do not have any deposit fee or account management expenses.  There are some withdrawal charges depending upon the payment strategy, however, they are very little and sensible. 

The platform makes its earnings through commissions per trade that begins with 0.001% depending upon the market used. You need to know that 365tradingfx is a CFD agent and CFDs are leveraged assets. Due to which there is a short-term financing expense for utilizing a lever. The charges rely upon the market and portion size. 

Customer Service 

Good customer service is essential to every single broker. I personally prefer picking a broker that is easy to reach out and communicate with. Customer service is an important aspect for me when I analyze any trading platform. 365tradingfx works 5 days a week and 24hours each day. They facilitate you via telephone, live chat, and email. 

24/7EnglishLive Chat, Phone, EmailAustralia +61261886528Canada +15197142793UK +441706577418support@365tradingfx.com

I have noticed a few of the characteristics of their customer support.

  • Available 24/7
  • FAQs
  • Communication only available in English 
  • Free educational material
  • Instructive and informational webinars
  • Reliable help and expert brokers. 

Is 365tradingfx genuine?

365tradingfx has a lot more to offer as compared to other CFD representatives. Their security is completely regulated, and they are legitimate. They provide access to over 200 tradable assets including diverse cryptocurrencies. 

They have adept and transparent strategies for charging. A plus point is that there are no charges for deposit or account management and the withdrawal charges are the bare minimum. The platform is very straightforward and simple yet professional. I am personally quite satisfied with their design, trading options, low expenses, and supportive customer care. I truly believe that they are reliable and dependable dealers. I will continue to use this platform for trading business. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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