3 Paths to Passive Crypto Income: A Comparison Guide

3 Paths to Passive Crypto Income: A Comparison Guide

Profiting from the modern wave of decentralization does not have to involve active trading. Today, it’s possible for you to park your assets in the decentralized economy and compound your portfolio in a truly hands-off manner.

However, not all methods are made the same. Just as there are many ways to carve a turkey, there are more than a handful of methods for growing your crypto portfolio.

To help speed things up for you, we’ve gathered some field-tested details about the two main ways people earn passive income in the decentralized economy. But to truly set you above the average investor, we’ve also outlined a third path that’s only recently been made possible. Keep reading to find out.

1. Holding Your Favorite Tokens

This is the age-old, time-tested method of passive income seen across every industry. People bet on their favorite assets by buying and storing them away for a long time.

The Upside

The beauty of investing in your favorite tokens is that you get to not only support the market shifts you believe in but also to profit from them. For example, if in 2010 you thought Bitcoin was the future of finance, you would have profited hands over fists by now.

The Downside

What makes this approach unattractive in 2023 is also what makes it so widespread: everybody is doing it.

When everyone knows an asset is good, the market adjusts immediately and there’s little room for you to profit. For example, if you had bought one Bitcoin on April 1st last year at over $45,000, your portfolio would have shrunk to $30,000 today.

In short, holding an asset is 100% passive, but your upside is extremely limited because the market adjusts to any good news long before you get a chance to get in.

2. Earning Interest

There’s no guarantee that your chosen asset will appreciate in value by the end of the year. But there is still a way to guarantee some profit. This is where interest-bearing assets come in. You can lock a popular asset in a blockchain contract and earn interest on it. Whereas some tokens automatically generate interest too.

The Upside

Earning regular interest on your tokens unlocks an exciting possibility: compound interest. What that means is you’ll earn interest on the interest you’ve already earned, not just the original investment.

The best part is that this extra income is on top of any price appreciation you may profit from. For example, if you believe Ethereum will be more valuable, you could hold it for that long while earning interest the whole time.

The Downside

Unfortunately, all this interest introduces a whole variety of risk factors. If you’re staking your assets, there’s more than a zero percent chance you may end up losing it all to a security breach or the death spiral of unsound tokenomics.

A painful example of this is the Tether saga last year. Fortunes worth billions of dollars evaporated in mere days when the supposed “dollar-pegged, stablecoin” tanked into oblivion.

In short, interest comes at a steep cost: oodles of extra risk to your investment.

3. Arbitrage Trading

All the different exchanges run their own books. As a result, the buying price of a token may be lower than the selling price of the same token on another exchange. Profiting from this spread in values is what arbitrage trading is all about.

The Upside

As you may have guessed by now, arbitrage trading involves trades that are virtually guaranteed to be profitable. You’re not betting on a prediction. You’re profiting from inefficiencies in the markets.

Unlike the previous two methods, this is the safest possible alternative. Since your capital is spread across a variety of markets, your exposure to any incidents outside of your control is minimal at best.

The Downside

Obviously, monitoring all the different markets and crypto pairs is not only active work, but it’s virtually impossible for any single person to do. So you may be wondering why we included it in this list of passive income methods.

Here’s the kicker: with the rise of software and AI technology, it is now possible to automate the entire crypto arbitrage process. This means that the system can automatically monitor all the markets and pairs for any inefficiencies, and as soon as an opportunity arises, the bot can execute the trade all on its own.

In other words, automated arbitrage trading offers the most secure, risk-efficient, and profitable path to passive income possible.


Arbitrage trading stands heads and shoulders above all else. With that said, your choice of arbitrage trading bot is crucial. That’s because not all bots are made the same.

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Our system runs advanced algorithms and AI agents to uncover profitable arbitrage opportunities around the clock in real-time. Best of all, we never gain access to your accounts, so your assets will always remain safe and sound in your own hands.

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