10 Reasons to Join Yoga class Online

So yoga, whether it is Pinterest, youtube videos or all those dank, beach yoga photos or even Instagram. Yoga is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in health and fitness. If you live in a big city, you probably feel there is a yoga studio on every street corner.

And let us be real, Is there a woman who doesn’t own a pair of Yoga pants these days may experience dizziness on waking up? Even though many of those pants may never make it to the inside yoga studio.

In this article, I am going to show you some reasons why they should, today.

In this article, you are going to learn ten good reasons why to join a yoga class.  Also, get yoga teacher training in East Nashville here.

First, let us talk about science. There is a shocking amount of studies that show the health benefits of Yoga. If you think it is something for only the natural fit, flexible or the strong. Think again!

  1. Researchers from the University of Washington found out that regular yoga practise helps one fight sugar cravings, improve breathing, help with emotional awareness. They found that yoga gave people a sense of mindful eating; in which they are consciously aware of the impact of the food they eat on the body.
  2. Oxford University found that people who practice yoga only once a week sleep better had lower blood pressure and were overall less stressed.
  3. There is physical evidence, significance on how yoga can help people lose weight. Including its ability to balance hormonal level, manage cravings and burn equivalent calories of any standard workout routine.
  4. Yoga has proven to help the body become more flexible, relieve migraines, improve posture, decompress lower back pain, boost immunity, and even help have better sex.
  5. According to the national institute of health, Yoga is proven to help with muscular scale issues, especially lower back pains, or even remove asthma.
  6. Regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong, consequently, it helps relieve body pain.
  7. Better breathing: Yoga includes breathing practice known as pranayama which can be effective for reducing our stress response. Improves lung and encourages relaxation. Many pranayamas emphasize slowing down and deepening the breath which activates the body parasympathetic system, or relaxation response.
  8. Yoga improves blood circulation by transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, yoga practise provides healthier organs, skin and brain.
  9. Also, Regular Yoga practise provides consistent energy. Most yogis state that when you perform your yoga correctly, you will feel energized after your yoga, rather than tired. 
  10. And finally, Yoga naturally reduces pain. This is one of the most important health benefits of yoga. Countless studies are proving that yoga can be very effective at relieving pain. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis or migraine headaches. And if you are one of the people that suffer from back pain, yoga can make that pain practically disappear.

What do you think about yoga? Would you prefer a physical class to an online class? Do you actually think yoga is not for you? And what has been your fear before you met this post, about yoga. Let me know In comment below.

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