World’s best orthopedic doctors

World’s best orthopedic doctors

We move, we bend, we do work, lift things, run, walk, jump, etc. all this because of bones and joints in the body. They let us do locomotive actions. Sometimes an accidental hit or disease can injure the bones, joints, or tissues. To diagnose and treat these orthopedic injuries a specialist in the orthopedic field is needed. In Pakistan, we can contact the best orthopedic doctor and surgeon like Dr. MA Wajid, Dr. Faheem Mubashir Farooqi, Dr. Amir Ijaz. Here we have gathered some of the world’s best orthopedic doctors to add best to your knowledge. 

Dr. Todd Albert

He is a medical director at the Hospital for special surgery, New York. Working at HSS as chief of surgeons and Korein-Wilson Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. He also provides his services to the orthopedic department as chairman and professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York. He has written many textbooks and more than 200 papers regarding his field of orthopedics. Dr. Albert is counted among the best orthopedic doctor and surgeons for cervical spine surgeons. He is strongly recommended by patients who once visited him. 

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Dr. David Altchek

Dr. Altchek is serving HSS as an orthopedic surgeon and co-chief emeritus of sports medicine and shoulder specialist. He has written more than 100 articles and chapters of the book on issues related to knee, shoulder, and elbow. Dr. Altchek is a medical director for Mets, New York. He is a specialist in treating athletes such as tennis and baseball players. 

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Dr. Asheesh Bedi

Dr. Asheesh is a very young surgeon who builds his career as a professor, assistant sports medicine, and consultant. He is listed in the world’s best orthopedic doctors list. Dr. Asheesh is working as a professor of orthopedic surgery, shoulder surgery, and assistant sports medicine at MedSport program and the University of Michigan. Also, he’s giving consultation to the NFL and NHL players Association. Dr. Asheesh is a medical director at the University of Michigan. He’s not only a sports medicine assistant but also a researcher to find new remedies. Dr. Asheesh Bedi is specializing in knee and hip arthroscopy. 

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Dr. Frank Cammisa

He is also a medical director at Hospital for Special Surgery, New York. His expertise is in spinal issues and serving in the relative field as a chief in HSS and spine consultant for NHL. At Weill Cornell Medical College, New York he is working as a clinical orthopedic surgery professor. Not only this but he also provides his services for several sports teams. His expertise in spine services makes him the orthopedic doctor in the world. Dr. Frank Cammisa Physician Profile Video - YouTube

Dr. Michelle Carlson

Dr. Carlson is working as an attending orthopedic surgeon at Presbyterian Hospital,  New York, and HSS. She’s guiding and training Young and new Doctors to the field. Also delivering lectures at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York. In her medical career, she won many awards which includes Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society, Lewis Clark Wagner Research Award, Glasgow Memorial Achievement Citation, and T. Campbell Thompson Prize. Her expertise is in hand surgery. She’s serving the professional sports team as a hand surgery consultant in New York. Her portfolio includes surgeries of many NBA and MLB players. She is a highly recommended and best orthopedic doctor because of her experience. 

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Dr. Brian Cole

Dr. Brian Cole is a medical director at Midwest Orthopedics at Rush, Chicago. He’s teaching cell biology, orthopedics, and anatomy at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago as a professor and serving as a section head there also. Dr. Brian’s services as a chairman of surgery at Rush Oak Park (lll) cannot be neglected. He is a physician of the Bulls team and treated many professional athletes. Dr. Brian Cole’s expertise is in cartilage injuries in athletes. 

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Dr. Mark  Deitch

He’s working as head of hand and microvascular surgery at Bayview Medical Center. Dr. Mark Deitch is a medical director at OrthoMaryland, Baltimore. As an assistant professor, he’s providing his services at John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine. He can treat extreme trauma conditions, hand, microvascular surgeries and shoulder, elbow surgeries. 

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Dr. David Dines 

In his professional career, he did thousands of shoulder replacement surgeries. Dr. David Dines practices in shoulder services and sports medicine at HSS. He’s working as a clinical professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York in the department of orthopedic surgery. Dr. David Dines is working as medical director of the Association of Tennis Professionals Tour. He remained former president of the society of American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons. Biomet Biomodular Total Shoulder System was designed by him. 

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Dr. Joshua Dines

He is a great practitioner of sports medicine and apart from professional practice and research work he write a column in Huffington Post. Dr. Joshua Dines provides services at HSS in sports medicine and shoulder. Also, he is a guest contributor in New York on Fox 5. He’s famous as a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon and also treats shoulder and elbow injuries. He mostly treated players of baseball and tennis who use their arms and shoulder in sports. Dr. Joshua Dines is working as a team doctor for the New York Mets. As a consultant of sports medicine for New York Rangers. In the US Davis Cup, he worked as a doctor for the tennis team. He is a good researcher and written textbooks having information regarding baseball injuries. 

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Dr. Christopher Larson

He is famous for hip surgery. he has carried out a lot of research regarding hip arthroscopy. All the patients whether young or old are satisfied with his treatment. Dr. Christopher Larson is a co-chairman of the hip preservation course in American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. He is also working as the program director Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and Minnesota Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute.

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It is good to know that so many expert orthopedic surgeon are working worldwide to serve people and help them through issues they face due to bone injury or disease. The best orthopedic doctor becomes the inspiration for young doctors who are eager and passionate to work in the field of orthopedics.