Why Should You Consider Bitteks As Your Broker? – Review 2021 (www.bitteks.com)


Bitteks has been my forex partner for years now and I have been a rather happy customer. Now that I’ve been using it for years now, I realize what good it has brought to my life. All these years I have seen trading take various different forms of operation. Be it trading or not, all professions undergo a process of development in order to fulfil the emerging needs of the hour. This is what happened a few years back when an influx of Forex firms was seen. People were introduced to the ease of staying home and making stock deals. 

These firms reduced the need to plan proper formal trips to the stock exchange and hence, people quickly moved towards them. I can remember when I first joined trading, I and a friend of mine used to go to the stock exchange. But with the emergence of this solution came into being new problems. People did not have to travel miles but now they had problems trusting firms. “Which firm do you trust?” This question became one of the most famous ones. People spent hours inquiring about firms and still could not reach a decision. This sceptical attitude was very much justified because every now and then we kept hearing stories of traders being trapped at hands of scammers. 

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I myself have experienced the pain of bearing with a couple of such firms and honestly, there cannot be something as stressful as this. Security is the key factor but there have to be a billion other things that a platform should provide you if they want to ensure long-term partnerships. Everything from customer care to theme and education counts. And the responsibility lies on the shoulder of both the trader and the firm. The trader has to be responsible for picking the right account, going through all the legalities and documents. Also, if the company plays its part by providing you with Education material but the customers don’t make use of it fully, all the effort goes in vain. 

I was always ready to take up the responsibility but my trading firms were not competent. The first one I used was terrible in terms of security. One day I was sent an email that said a security breach occurred and now I am back to zero. The next one I went to was okayish with security but the tools offered there were not efficient. The major and minor alert kept mixing and this kept me confused. I was a new trader back then and it was so hard for me to figure out which one was minor and which wasn’t. Well, I gave up on it too and left for my drive to find a better and a reliable one.

After losing my assets and peace I finally found Bitteks. My cousin told me he was associated with it for years. I signed up for it and only after a month I could feel my peace returning. Let’s get into the details of my venture as I help you find your go-to Forex partner.

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Theme and colours

It might seem something trivial initially but in reality, when you use the website you see how the colour scheme impacts the processes. A dark background is something I have never been a fan of because of the way it makes chart analysis difficult. Otherwise also, while you’re using the portal it seems like a headache. I wish the backdrop was white or any other light colour. This doesn’t only make chart reading easy but also makes the graphics very prominent. I know this is a more unpopular opinion and a large number of people prefer dark colours because they seem more professional. I would suggest they let us pick between dark and light themes. 

Navigation through the website is super easy. You can go through it once and develop an idea of how to use it. I love the fact that the logo at the top lets you get back to the main landing page in a click. This reflects how the company is always focusing on the need of making processes easier for its users. Overall the website is super user-friendly. 


Security is the most integral factor that needs to be probed before going for a platform. You don’t only need to be sure about your assets but also about your data. For this purpose, I first went straight to the legal section which is found at the end of the main page. It is divided into several subsections.

  • Privacy policy
  • Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation
  • Bonus Policy
  • Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Anti Money Laundering Policy
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If you’re an experienced trader or you’ve studied trading, then you’ll have an idea of how imperative it is to keep your knowledge refreshed. This is because of the fact that in the trading world there is a constant sense of change. A successful trader needs to be sure he is updated about all the incoming information. To ensure the provision of knowledge to the customers, the platform has designated an entire segment to the education of users. The segment is subdivided into

  • Ebooks
  • Glossary
  • Asset Index
  • FAQ

All these have been remarkably put forth in a way that users don’t have to keep fumbling through long lists. They have been grouped alphabetically which saves time. Ebooks uploaded are to cater to all sorts of traders; experienced and naive. You will find an advanced level. Books and basic books. My favourite is the “Advanced Strategies eBooks”. Another commendable fact is that a small descriptive paragraph is added below the book title to give readers an idea of what the book talks about. This also helps save time.  The Glossary section can be referred to if you come across a new technical term. The Frequently Asked Questions section is also very well designed. It groups questions into categories. These include

  • Funding
  • Platform
  • Support
  • Trading
  • Open account

You can quickly see what group your question belongs to and dive into it. There’s one thing I want to point out. The FAQ section hasn’t been updated lately. Although it is comprehensive already, there’s a constant emergence of new problems. 

Contact us

Every now and then, I have to get in touch with the platform representatives for finding solutions to one problem or the other. All these years I have made use of all of these options and found them equally responsive. The welcoming attitude of correspondents is matchless. You never feel like you’re bothering someone and get your issue fixed in no time. There are multiple ways you can get in touch with these.

  • Submit the form
  • Email
  • Call
  • Live chat

My go-to option, when I wanted immediate solutions, was Live Chat. The call option is very useful for someone who doesn’t like to type but unfortunately, it cannot be utilized by users outside the UK and Australia. The large contact us option takes you to a new window that has a small form. You add your details, type the message, and attach an image to clearly convey the message. After some time you’ll get the response. 

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Once I wanted information regarding the up-gradation of the account and they helped not only upgrade but also explained the features that I’ll get my hands on after upgrading. It has been great getting in contact with them and sorting out issues. 

Ease of access

One cannot always carry their laptops with them everywhere. A good platform is one that supports multiple devices. I can use my account from both my phone and laptop anytime, anywhere. This is another feature that I love about this forum because for me carrying my laptop everywhere is a deal. 


Not to mention the fact that Bitteks has allowed me to expand my portfolio to an extent that I could not imagine. This is because it allows the traders to trade using more than 200+ tradable assets which include crypto, indices, commodities, currencies, etc. Thanks to this feature, it lets me make use of all the opportunities that come my way. In fact, my first crypto venture was with Bitteks. I have no idea when it gave me all the confidence I needed to try my luck in it. I know a bunch of other traders who have, just like me, started trading with assets they had never used before. 

The final word

Currently, there are 500,000 customers of Bitteks all around the globe. And I know what reason all of them have got to stick to Bitteks. The optimal trading environment that we get here not only brings profits but also peace and satisfaction. I find myself fortunate to come across this forum. You can definitely consider using it but make sure you have yourself carried out thorough research. Also, keep in mind the fact that all traders have varying needs and demands so you need to figure out beforehand if the platform is capable of it or not. I hope you never have to leave a platform after suffering at hands of its unreliability. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.