Walton Chase Brand Review

Walton Chase Brand Review

  • WaltonChase Review:

With so many brokerage options to choose from, it becomes quite challenging to compare all possibilities’ pros and cons. What caught my eye when researching about the best brokerage options was the WaltonChase. Considered to be one of the best trading platforms, its distinguishing aspect is that it has been here for a while. Started in 1986, the firm has a variety of different currencies, WaltonChase is the best option to trade globally and invest in the world’s best markets. Another appealing factor that Walton Chase has is its complete commission transparency and low rates, which assure the traders’ maximum trade outcomes.

Although it is not recommended for beginners, it is a perfect option for experienced and intermediate traders and investors. It is considered one of the most competitive platforms for international trade, including currencies and equities and other options. We will discuss some of the most promising features of this platform in this review to give you an idea of the brand and its working.

  • Platform Quality:

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the website. Consisting of two platforms, the desktop website version and the mobile app version.

The main desktop website is practical, functional, and easy to use. It provides almost all the information required. In my experience, however, the account creating process is a bit tedious. Although, that maintains the safety and security for the website’s users. The mobile app is satisfactory though not functioning as the main website; it still allows all asset trading and data streams. However, only one device is permitted to the data stream at a time, which is considered a weak point for the firm.

  • Security:

As the platform has international dealings, the funds and information’s safety and security is their number one priority. The brand has over the top security measures to assure the safety of their clients’ data and accounts. The accounts require multiple two-factor authentications, as well as security codes. Moreover, the mobile app requires biometric verifications.

As an additional security factor, the firm has an excellent insurance policy that ensures every client’s profits. The firm has an anti-money laundering program as well as adequate cybersecurity to prevent attacks and breaches.

  • Assets:

Walton Chase is famous for its wide variety of trading assets throughout the trading industry. The brand is especially notorious for its Forex trading, and cryptocurrency trading.

Moreover, it has trading options for Bitcoin futures. Other than that, the firm offers several other assets, which include; long, short, and penny stocks, mutual funds, bonds, advisories, international stocks, and much more.

  • Cash Management:

One excellent feature I appreciate of WaltonChase is its integrated cash management system. Their cash management system involves a broker account directly connected to the user’s bank account. This makes the transfers convenient, and funds can be borrowed at low rates. The WC visa card is extremely convenient and helps access funds anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can electronically control your funds and pay bills and stuff through it.

  • Customer Service:

The customer service at WaltonChase is immaculate and has various features, including an online chat with a human agent and an Al Ibot. The Ibot feature is relatively new and untested, but it seems interesting. The phone call service is also available 24/7 and has a call back service. My personal experience was right, I addressed a few queries and got a reply after adequate time.

  • Education:

I was surprised to see, WaltonChase provides a wide variety of educational resources demos free of cost, even without the login. This is unlike any other platform which only offers their resources for their members and through extra payments. Traders academy provides these resources that extensively discuss the trading ways, assets, and much more. A number of courses are available on their platform.

A feature I loved of Walton Chase is their daily webinars on various topics concerning the trading industry. These webinars are very informative and convenient as they can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Leading experts in the trade field partake in these webinars regularly.

  • Tools:

The platform has a wide range of research tools available for traders and investors to improve their skills and expertly handle the trading business. These tools include five different screeners; to view the data stream in different ways, tools and calculators, trading idea generator, news, charting tools, and portfolio analysis. The portfolio analysis is especially appealing to investors because of its unique features.

  • Final Thoughts:

Personally, my experience with WaltonChase was excellent in terms of their quality and management. The low commission costs and complete transparency of the firm are extra appealing. And although the platform is not suitable for everyone, it provides unique features coupled with great deals. And it is a good place to invest.