Travel Guide to Varna - The Black Sea

Travel Guide to Varna – The Black Sea

Bulgaria’s biggest city and shoreline resort, Varna is more than a beach destination. Valid, it offers a romantic, sensational, and lovely bay with panoramic views out over the Black Sea. But traveling to Varna, and you will discover that there is a lot more to experience. 

A former walled town, Varna presently shows a cultural mix of architecture from pre-Ottoman to Neo-Classicism and Art Nouveau. Get fresh seafood and local produce from Kolkhozen Pazar, the city’s biggest farmer’s market. Browse the stalls and stores of Prince Boris Boulevard.

Explore the nature reserve of Kamchiya and walk around the idyllic Botanical Gardens at Balchik Royal Palace. Go through a serene evening at the hillside religious community of Aladzha or find the oldest cultivated gold on the planet showed at the Varna Archeological Museum. Head to the waterfront promenade around evening time and enjoy the best clubs and bars in the city. 

Reasons why you should go? 

Varna, with its archeological fortunes, sweeping coastline, grand royal residences, and welcoming inhabitants, will astonish and inspire you. Visit the historical centers lodging antiquated relics, taste the local produce at the daily farmers’ markets and loosen up on the seashores of this noteworthy and impressive city. 

Considered Bulgaria’s beach resort, Varna enjoys a sunny climate from May to September with temperatures averaging 28°C. October and December are known to be the wettest months and therefore the quietest. Winters in Varna are relatively cold with strong Baltic winds; although snowfall is rare many of the resorts shut down for the season. Travel to Varna in August for the brightest weather and liveliest atmosphere.

Best time to go? 

Considered Bulgaria’s seashore resort, Varna enjoys a radiant sunny climate from May to September with temperatures averaging 28°C. October and December are known to be the wettest months and thusly the calmest. Winters in Varna are generally cold with solid Baltic winds. As well as, the fact that snowfall is uncommon and large numbers of the hotels shut down for the season. Travel to Varna in August for the brightest climate and liveliest atmosphere. 

How To Get There? 

Varna Airport (VAR) found 8km (5 miles) west of the downtown area is the international air terminal to serve Varna. Indirect flights are accessible from the US, the UK with non-stop flights planned on and scheduled on a seasonal premise. Those who are looking for cheap flights to Varna, Just visit the british airways official website right now and book your flight ticket online and save 30% off on each booking to your favorite destination. 

Once your reach the airport, Bus services leave routinely from the air terminal taking travelers to the downtown area and train station. International trains from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia show up at Varna Train Station daily.

Must-see attractions

Seaside Park is one of Varna’s most famous vacation spots and tops the rundown on a visit to the city. Enjoy an artful dance performance in the outside theater. You can also visit the Navy Museum outlining the oceanic history of the beachfront city and wonder over the shows of the Museum of Natural History. 

Tropical, freshwater, and the Black Sea fish will charm visitors to the park’s Aquarium. Move to the highest point of the Astronomical Observatory for a fascinating display of the planets. Round off your day at the Seaside Baths and let the hot sulphuric minerals soothe you that help you to relax your body and mind. 

Last words

After reading all this above, surely it will encourage you to visit there as soon as possible. So, just start planning for your getaway and visit and book a cheap flight ticket to Varna and grab some exciting offer and save up to 40% off on each 

Booking. So, book now for this upcoming vacation and surprise your family or friends with a wonderful trip and start enjoying it over there.