Trade The Bit – Review 2021 Should you consider it for your long-term trading needs? (

It is 2021 and the internet has revolutionized pretty much everything. If you take yourself back to the 18th century and think of a pandemic striking the world without Internet revolutionized products, it will give you nothing but stress. Had it not been the era of digitalization, we all would have gone back to the stone age. The way covid has put an end to all the social activities and disturbed the financial one’s too, we can easily say that the world is ready for another wave of digitization. 

In the past years, the idea of trading from the comfort of your bed seemed huge. The way forex firms have reduced the need to make trips to the stock exchange is remarkable but I feel like now that we are adopting to stay at home, even more, more technological advances will make their way into our lives soon. 

I am an old soul who has been struggling in the trading world for the past 15 years. I have seen this profession grow and develop as it underwent the era of digitalization. The needs of traders changed the products updated and improved catering to these needs. Forex was just a concept when I heard of it first but it has become imperative. If someone wishes to gain maximum profits, their first step has to be signing up for a reliable forex firm.

Hey, hold on! Finding one isn’t as easy as writing it. You have to go through the nooks and corners of the website, evaluate all the features, and see if it complements your priority list well. If it does then you’re good to go. Let me give you some details of my own experience so that you can learn from my mistakes without going through the losses they cause. 

So after a few years of joining trading, I realized the importance of being associated with a forex firm and it was then when my quest of finding the right partner started. I did not meet Trade the Bit immediately, in fact, I had my fair share of the grind. So before reaching this platform’s server, I have had the misfortune of signing up for around 3 and probing into even more. All these have new unique and astonishing reasons for saying no. The first one was the worst of all because it was the worst security system I’ve ever seen. The uploaded legal documents were more than just cunning. They had laid down the perfect trap for newbies like me. After losing all my fortune my first learned lesson was to go through all the legal stuff and security measures. If you feel like you’re too young for it then consider hiring legal aid. The next two had other problems such as the user interface with which I had to struggle. After using this one I got to know what a user-friendly website feels like. One of them had customer service which was very hard to access and if you cannot figure your way out of the problem, you are bound to suffer. 

When I joined this one, I had an idea that none of the forums are perfect and I can never get everything. This was why I was ready for small shortcomings if I did not have to compromise in the important matters such as security, privacy, and efficiency of the trading tools. 

The Overall Look of the Webpage

The first look of the webpage is very catchy and creative. The golden and black theme looks very contemporary. White text in the black background is very prominent and legible. Young users might think this is something very immature to discuss but this becomes a headache if not designed properly. I have been working with a forum where they had black backdrops and royal blue texts and it gave me nothing but eye strain. Chart tool usage becomes fuss and you lose all your interest in making the right deals. The integrated graphics make the website self-explanatory and thus, you can easily navigate through it. It is super user-friendly. The Trade the Bit logo at the top of each page is incorporated in a way that it takes you back to the landing page in a click. 

I acknowledge the fact that the web designers have ensured that all icons appear clearly and text stands out but I don’t find working on dark backdrops very comfortable. So the very popular dark theme is something I’d like to change. 

Ease of Access

A forum that cannot be operated from multiple devices lacks the potential of being your long-term partner in the trading world. It is not possible to carry heavy laptops wherever they go and hence a website that is operational from phones should be your go-to. Trade the Bit is user-friendly from the phone and the theme and graphics work as well on the small screen. Once I was on vacation with my family and I forgot to carry my laptop. In the middle of a foreign country, I had to do an important deal. Thank God I could do it all on my phone. It was when I felt how the platform cares about my needs. 


This is the next thing that you got to look for in your forex firm. Never try to make any compromise on the above two areas. If a firm doesn’t appear to be a sound place for your assets then you need to drop it. Some ways to look for these two points are the legal section at the bottom of the page, talking to your seniors and current users, and also talking to representatives can help. The first thing I did was to probe the legal section. There the amount of transparency exhibited helped me lay the foundations of a trust-based relationship with the firm. Going through documents like Risk Disclosure statement, Bonus Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy, Anti Money Laundering Policy made me experience the joy of going through well-drafted.

Professional Tools and Portfolio Expansion

A good platform believes in the growth of not only their business but also the traders. Trade the Bit is a forum that has adopted numerous methods for this. One of these which helped me the most was the provision of highly efficient tools. And the degree of customization they offer helps traders from all sorts of backgrounds. I love how we can easily pick between different chart types. The mobile stocks bar on the web page is another commendable feature because it lets traders quickly see what is going on in the market.

200+ trading assets allow you to move out of your comfort zone and explore the new trading segments. I remember how I feared crypto when I was new to this forum but gradually I was able to overcome this fear. I cannot thank the experts and the customer care reps who gave me all the motivation and confidence that I lacked. A fellow colleague has reached unprecedented heights in his trading venture ever since he tried his luck in commodities, stocks, and indices. 

Contact Representatives

If you feel like you’re unlikely to ever feel the need to get in contact with representatives, you’re mistaken. All these years I cannot recall a single month that I did not have to seek solutions to encountered problems from the company’s representatives.  I have found the services very professional and up to the mark. You can get in touch with the person any time via multiple options such as phone, email, form submission, and live chat. However, there are a couple of drawbacks that I’d like to point out in an attempt to get them solved. Firstly, there is no international number in order to carter users all around the globe. Customers from Canada get to use the call option only. Moreover, this and the chat option can be utilized in given time slots. But you can go for the email option whenever you want to. 

My experience with this section has been great. I remember once I was shocked over the delayed reply because I wasn’t used to it. Later I realized that I was trying to approach in the off-hours. It took me a little time to teach myself the limited availability concept but now I have learned to operate accordingly. 

The Final Word

Trade the Bit has been the only platform that has convinced me to stick with it for longer periods of time. This is because of the sense of satisfaction that I experience right after trading. There are a lot of features that I could not cover above and one of them is the well-established and rightly laid out education section. Also, the multiple accounts available to serve the varying needs of traders ensure that you all pay for what you need only. You can enjoy the experience of all these specs if only you feel it will be good enough for your trading needs. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation