StocksCM Review

StocksCM Review

When selecting a suitable broker among the wide variety of trading brokers online, one has to be careful of scams and such. When I first started researching on StocksCM, I got to know that it is an unregulated broker. Consequently, people are a little apprehensive to trust broker sites like these. Well, I am here to tell you, while there may be some nervousness for choosing this broker, there are various factors that make it worth picking.

StocksCM is relatively new on the market as compared to years old brokers that are present, but it makes up with its versatility, excellent quality and top-notch technology. StocksCM offers a wide range of assets from cryptocurrencies to stock investments. What I appreciate about this broker is that it is a platform for all kinds of people, whether beginners or experts in the trading market. In such a short time, StocksCM has managed to become one of the leading trading sites.

Trading Platform

I was genuinely impressed by the platform quality of StocksCM; the website was easy to understand and navigate. The whole platform gave extremely accessible and convenient vibes. The web trading platform offers trade statistic chart streams, as well as the changing stocks in different currencies. Moreover, the platform had several convenient options to keep track of all your information and trading stocks. The forum showed the available trading assets, their values at that exact moment and much more. All in all, it was a complete package to make sure your trading process runs smoothly.


While StocksCM is still an unlicensed and unregulated broker, they’re working hard on getting their license. Moreover, there are a lot of unlicensed brokers that are doing quite well in the trading market.

StocksCM platform has top-notch security technology in place to encrypt and safeguard all the information provided by users. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about data leaks or the like. The broker guarantees customer data protection; all of your provided data is encrypted through first-rate technology.

Account types

StocksCM offers a variety of account types, all of which offer different kinds of promotions and deals. The account types are in a rank system starting from Silver to VIP account. The silver account is usually preferred by beginner traders, which offers over 200 tradable assets and up to 100 significant leverages. Then there is the Gold and Platinum account which comes with bonus funds, a dedicated senior market manager, trade room analysis, financial analysis and even monthly and weekly webinars respectively. The VIP account is the best of all and is specially designed for expert market traders; it comprises of all things offered in the other accounts but with complete access to the features. Additionally, the VIP accounts get access to lucrative VIP events.


Stocks CM offers a wide variety of trading assets from popular categories. These include stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies. The stocks include the world’s most leading companies. StocksCM offers a wide variety of stocks traders can invest in. The indices and commodities at StocksCM are listed from the highest value to lowest.

Additionally, StocksCM provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies and forex trading as well. People that like crypto trading will find this platform to be one of the best crypto trading platforms. Moreover, Bitcoin is a speciality of this trading platform. Forex trading has been relatively preferred these days in the trading market, well StocksCM offers a good variety of Forex trading options.

Education centre

StocksCM offers a wide range of educational tools for beginner traders to learn from. Their eBook collection is really impressive and personally, helped me a lot in understanding how the trading world works. Surprisingly, the eBooks are available for everyone, whether you’ve registered or not.

StocksCM offers an asset index; it is an appendix of every asset; stock markets, commodities, indices, crypto, forex etc. that are present in the market. The asset index proves to be of great help, especially for beginners who don’t know where to research and where to invest.

Worldwide trading

One feature I appreciate of this broker is their worldwide trading. We don’t see a lot of trading brokers that offer worldwide services, and this is what attracted me to this StocksCM. StocksCM offers its customers access to stocks and assets from all over the world at any time.

Customer service

The trading business isn’t accessible at all; it requires all of your focus and knowledge. But, a lot of times I get stuck at some things, either its lack of information or some problem related to the platform. StocksCM customer service is very responsive. Personally, the response team gets back to you in adequate time and helps you sort through whatever problem you have. Their speed of response isn’t perfect but as compared to some other platforms’ I’d say it is sufficient. There is a live chat option as well as an email-complaint option. Moreover, complaint forms are also present for different types of problems that customers face.


StocksCM is one of the leading names in the trading industry these days, and this is because of their immaculate service. In such a short time, the platform has made a right name for itself and is working towards creating a more regulated environment. StocksCM has everything you could need to operate in the trading market successfully. With its extensive resources and a massive variety of assets, it should be your go-to option for trading brokers.