So, you want to start selling wine online?

You should know that to start selling wine online – involves some important steps that you can’t afford to skip. Don’t panic. As always, Market Jar has got you covered. Below are the correct steps to follow before you power up your site:

  1. Obtain the licences
  2. Find your niche
  3. Get your branding done professionally! 
  4. Source a handful of great, and trustworthy suppliers
  5. Build an online store
  6. Build up your Youtube + Social Media
  7. Shipping + Couriers
  8. Market your products

The process of actually starting to assemble your wine business’s online presence – including the design, development and launch of its website, as well as the associated social media and content marketing campaigns – may seem to be the ‘glamorous bit’, but again, there can be potential issues.


Not all eCommerce platforms and online payment providers actually permit the sale of alcohol, so you’ll need to pay close attention to their terms and conditions and lists of prohibited items.


As for your firm’s approach to marketing your brand, this is something we can greatly assist you with here at Market Jar. Indeed, we have a strong track record as wine marketing specialists, having been the creative agency behind such wine brands as Plonk Wine Co. This leaves us well-placed to shape the marketing campaign that will make you a key force in this competitive and ever-evolving sector.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll be delighted to discuss with you how our skilled and experienced marketing professionals can best serve the ambitions and requirements of your wine business.

If you’re simply looking to sell a handful of old bottles you’ve found in your cellar, then there are a few good ways to do this too. Auction sites like eBay are ideal for selling the knickknacks, however, you might be interested in reaching out to a wine merchant, for example, Plonk Wine Co.

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