Rosewood Trust is a CFD broker that trades on various financial instruments such as Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, and Forex. Rosewood Trust brokers was established in the year 1986, and they have improved over time and offer their clients nothing but the best.


After I became a full-fledged member of the Rosewood Trust trading community, I was given access to different educational materials. As an experienced trader, it is very important for me to continually upgrade my knowledge in Forex trade; there are educational materials for both beginners and advanced traders. For you to be able to pinpoint the best stock you should trade, you’ll need to thoroughly educate yourself on how the market trend works. All thanks to Rosewood forex brokers I have been able to master all these techniques and much more.

Forex trading doesn’t solely depend on luck, extensive knowledge about the forex market as a whole is also required in this field. Rosewood Trust forex brokers provide all the educational tools you’ll need. They also release weekly financial articles and news from time to time, this helps me keep informed of the recent stocks and forex news.

The educational tools section consists of different categories such as eBooks, which covers areas such as introduction to CFDs, Market Order, and Crypto Pairs for beginners, and there are eBooks on advanced strategies, Market Analysis, and Capital management for advanced traders. The Glossary section explains terms like Gross Domestic Products, Bull Market, and Margin Fall. They all have the frequently asked questions section, which answers some vital questions on the opening of account and deposit and withdrawal methods.


Rosewood Trust brokers are highly regulated and ensure that the funds of their clients are safe and well secured. They comply with the law enforcement agency in the eradication of money laundering and fraud. 


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The very first thing I noticed about the RosewoodTrust broker website was their impeccable design. This feature alone tends to draw traders to the site; the website is very fast because of the absence of some unnecessary plugins that tend to slow down a site. I for one find it very frustrating and irritating when I have to wait forever for a page to load, thankfully I’ve never witnessed such with Rosewood brokers. 

RosewoodTrust brokers have managed to provide a trading platform that is so simple to navigate, both for beginners and professional traders. The trading platform is very flexible and well optimized for all devices. One thing I love about this broker is the fact that I can trade anywhere and at any time. After I was done with my registration I was given access to trade on a real-time basis. My very first trade with Rosewood Trust brokers was very good, and I was able to make huge profits, this feat can only be achieved when you trade with a good broker that puts the welfare of their client first.


The deposit can be done using a Credit Card, Wire Transfer, as well as several forms of e-payment.

Each withdrawal I made came with Identity verification. This procedure is very important because it shows that the RosewoodTrust broker protects the funds of their traders. The only downside is that I have to wait for five days to get my withdrawal processed. Notwithstanding I’ll always prefer this option even if it will take a longer period than a quick withdrawal without any security.

The Identity verification procedure isn’t cumbersome, it only required a few documents that were used in verifying my identity, and this procedure took about a period of five days after which my withdrawal was approved. One of the good things about this broker is the fact that I can easily cancel a withdrawal procedure.


Rosewood Trust broker is very customer friendly and as I mentioned earlier they always put their clients first. Rosewood provides their clients with a one on one account manager, which provides all the necessary things you’ll need, they also help you make good and accurate decisions when it comes to choosing a security to open.

They can also be reached through various means of communication such as through their Email, live chat, and by filling out a contact support form.


In all my years of trading with this broker, they have shown to be very good, customer-friendly, and with good trading analytic tools. I highly recommend this broker because they have stood the test of time, and have a solid reputation in the trading industry.