Prepare to be amazed

Prepare to be amazed! – Girlguiding

Aim of activity

prepare to be amazed 1

Illusionists do not usually expose their keys,
yet you will locate them right below! Get hold of your
magic stick and surprise your target market
with some great techniques.

What you’ll get out of it

• Uncover how magic techniques work.
• Create your efficiency abilities.
• Practice executing.

What you’ll need

• Calculators (optional, for mind-reading trick)

Station 1
• Envelopes, 1 per girl,
plus a few spare
• A4 sheets of paper, 1 per
girl, plus a few spares
• Scissors
• Sticky tape
• Rulers• Pens

Station 2
• Coins
Station 3
• A pack of
playing card

Before you start
Set up the stations around the space with
the resources and instructions.

What to do
1.Your leader is going to perform a piece
of mind-reading magic…

Mind-reading trick

prepare to be amazed 1 1

m amazed. be to prepare and round ‘Gather
incredible an trickster, Trefoil amazing the
minds. your read to here I’m and magician,
in ten and one between number a of Think
times Now loud. out it say Don’t head. your
that number by two, add eight, then divide by
two and subtract your original number.’
Give Guides a minute to work it out, then
declare that they’re thinking of the number
four. Woah. Magic!

2. Now, it’s your turn to be magicians! Get
into three groups and move to different
stations, each with a magic trick for you to
conquer. When you’ve mastered your trick,
show it to someone not in your group. Try out
all the tricks.

Terminal 1 – Saw an individual in fifty percent
• Reduced your A4 sheet of paper in fifty percent
longways. Attract a stick individual to load the
slide of paper.
• Tape your envelope closed and also reduced completions
off the brief sides making a paper tube.
Cut your paper tube to 15cm lengthy (see
illustration A).
• On one side of the paper tube, concerning 2cm
from each finish, reduced slits huge sufficient to
healthy your individual. Make certain you just reduced
with one side. The side with the reduces is
the rear of your paper tube.
• Slide your individual with these slits so
its body isn’t really in the paper tube (see
illustrations B and also C).
• Currently comes the magic! Very meticulously reduced simply
the paper tube (not the paper individual
in the slits). For your target market, it’ll appearance
like you are sawing the individual in fifty percent (see
illustration Decoration).

Station 2 – Disappearing coin

• Hold the coin by the sides in between your
thumb and also index finger.
• Utilizing your various other hand, make believe to take
the coin however in fact knock it into your
initial coin-holding hand. Make your
vacant hand into a clenched hand.
• Utilizing your magician style, impact on your
vacant clenched hand and also open up it to reveal that the
coin has actually disappeared.
• While doing this, bring the hand with the
coin in behind a target market member’s ear
and also make it show up from there.

Station 3 – Card magic

Ask somebody to choice a card. Obtain them to
bear in mind it.
• Divide the deck in fifty percent and obtain them to
return their card encounter down. Sneakily,
take a look at the card that is in the various other fifty percent
of the deck.
• Shuffle a bit, staying clear of relocating their card
and the one you memorised.
• Take a look at the deck and discover the card you
memorised. Their own is beside it!